Allianz League Fixtures 2023

But a draw and we go up? Soz for all questions

Yes - we’re on 10 - they’re on 8.
Draw and we’re on 11 - they’re on 9.
Lose and we’re both on 10 and they win on the head to head.


Thank you

Tierney and Cooke could swap into midfield depending on requirements if Conroy slowing in midfield. Conroy’s long range shooting can be matched by a fit and on form Cooke.

What happens if we draw & Louth win?

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We go up and so do Louth and Derry.

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Monaghan look resigned to Div2.

The most lifeless performance I’ve saw from them - especially as it was a must-win game at home. 1 score from play says it all.

Much better from Tyrone though. Not sure if it’s a coincidence - but 5 players from Errigal Ciaran might be helping understanding and link-up play.

One for @Stato82 ….Tyrone had 3 x U20 Captains playing today from 2021, 22 & 23.


Mayo will rest most of their first team next week you’d have thought . Hard to know how they will approach a league final the following week with Roscommon the week after . They might give it a shot to win it and keep momentum with a couple of players left off

Ridiculous starting championship a week after a league final.

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“Ehhh, if if if if if if…?”
“Look, it’s quite simple, I want you to stay here…and make sure…'ee doesn’t leave. Ya go t that?”

Whatever happened to Ronan Ó Beoláin.:question:

Fine goalkeeper n excellent kick outs.

Players for Galway in 2017 AI U21 final v Dublin.

Don’t know how the Offaly players were able to play today,they must’ve talked about it among themselves to honor Liam Kearns memory. Sometimes you forget it’s only sport , a hobby , a distraction from real life .


genuine question, who actually decided this.

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Kearns would have managed some of the Tipp lads as well. The Offaly was understandably very emotional when interviewed.


Have to go for it now that we are in it. I’ve never agreed with league finals…it’s bizarre. The team that finishes top should be league champions.


The world awaits Mayo collecting Sam.

Inevitabilities of life …

72 years later …

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National silverware for yas isnt a bad thing

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We have lost quite a few NFL finals over recent years.

Big Finals are Mayo’s biggest problem.
One of these days everything will come right and you won’t be playing the greatest team ever assembled. Then Mayo shall eat like ravenous Kings at the top table. I just have no idea when that day is.