Allianz League Fixtures 2023

I think that day is drawing close.

2023 is beckoning for Mayo and Aido to finally produce a winning display in a Croke Park final.

They were very poor, but there’s still life yet for them. I’ve flagged this as a worry for me for some time, in that Mayo are already qualified for a NFL Final and the temptation must surely be there for McStay to take his foot off the throttle. I’m convinced - all things being equal - that Monaghan would have little or no chance next week, but the circumstances create that nagging doubt for me.

I honestly believe we will need Mayo to do us a favour, as I cannot see us winning in Omagh. Hope though springs eternal. We totally lost our way at half time of the match against Galway, who are undoubtedly a batter team than us. We struggled against their deep lying defence but still could have got something from the game but for my old favourite - unforced errors - that saw us butcher a number of chances to win the game, before Galway’s late goal.

And incidentally - and I am very partisan on this - but the Armagh support has been magnificent in this campaign. They are desperate for something to cheer. I just wish the team could deliver it.


You must be disappointed though with the chronic defensive style . It reminds of Arsenal under George Graham

Surely Mc Geeney last year

I’d have agreed but i think Tyrone are basically safe in that division so they may not be as hungry as you win on Sunday

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Geezer got lambasted last year for being too kamikaze in his approach. Flip that over and he is too defensive. Is there a better, more happy medium? I don’t know. What I will say Jack is that opinions stated here, and on my own forum at home, are often coloured by perspective, and you are clearly not a fan of Geezer as a coach. And I’ve no issue with that - perfectly valid to hold that opinion. But you talked about our chronic defensive style, and yet Galway were more defensive than us on Saturday evening - much more. What undid us - as was the case against Kerry - were stupid, inexcusable, individual mistakes, which should never have happened. We should have won both games, been on 9 points, and talking about a NFL Final (which would be huge for us) and then the narrative would be on the effectiveness of Geezer’s new game plan. Very fine lines between success and failure, as evidenced by our -1 points difference after 6 games.


It’s got nothing to do with Mc Geeney but it’s nearly a decade now with very little to show for it

But what’s the overall aim . Rian O Neill is criminally underused in my view on that team given the level of talent he has . Desperate to see him reduced to a hod carrier .

You can’t win anything playing that style of football . If it’s just to scrape and survive you’d be far better using last years style for the same net result

I don’t see any courage of conviction on the sideline except listening to those around them so they can survive for another few years .

It’s Mc Guinness lite minus the athletes Donegal had which makes it redundant in my view

Cian Ward was making the point that individually apart from the few obvious exceptions that Armagh simply don’t have enough talent to mix it with the very top teams

Looking through their team I tend to agree, Geezer dammed if does and doesn’t you’d feel

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I’ve been saying this for years. And there are none so blinded by that as our own supporters who seem to think that with a bit of tweaking, we’ll be All Ireland contenders. It’s pie in the sky stuff.

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Could still win an Ulster championship with a bit more conviction in my view

There is nothing brilliant in Ulster currently. Ulster championships hold a lot of currency up north . It’s the only one that has any value left

And for which he was regularly pilloried.

You could therefore argue, the approach from the last couple of years did not work, let’s try something else. It’s the classic case of moving the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Saw a chap do it in a club game yesterday morning. Country fella (im sure Dubs do it too). Went down yelping and holding his ceann, contact was chest high maximum (I was a yard or 2 away, trying to catch my breath). Ref bought it hook line and sinker. What can you do except walk away laughing.


Lads, are we seriously worried about not at least getting a point against Louth in croker?? We’ll sweep them aside the same as Meath Imo


Sure didnt they have that day after dethroning us in 21. And were subsequently malojen in the final

*Aido to finally kick a point in an All Ireland final

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Might get good odds on that.

can mayo only meet Galway in the connaught final or what way is it :thinking:

My expectation is that we best Louth and then repeat the trick against Derry in the final. However, I have to temper that against recent experience. We scraped by Kildare and Clare. The first good team we played, Derry, we lost to. Louth appear to be the best of the rest, so I am a little nervous.

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Doesn’t seem to want to do tv interviews either with RTE ,sent starbar out to bat again on for after match interview

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Delegating all media relations to Donaghy by all accounts.

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