Allianz League Fixtures 2024

We’re back to Division 1 Football next Year, Derry, Galway, Kerry, Monaghan, Roscommon & Tyrone were all away games the last time we played them & our last game against Mayo was at home.

As we only played Derry away this season I’d presume we’ll be home against them, we usually do alternate fixtures against Kerry so I presume we’ll also be home against them, the same with Mayo as we were home last time I’d say we’ll be away next season.

As we played 4 away games this season I’d also presume we’ll have only 3 away next season with 1 being Mayo, that leaves 2 from the following 4, Galway, Monaghan, Roscommon & Tyrone, if this is the case where would you like our other away games to be?

That’s a lot of presumptions. Not sure one year has anything to do with the next. Every team will have similar permutations. They won’t be taken into account.

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In normal circumstances We will take the place of one of the relegated teams and play the reverse of whatever fixtures they played this year. The last fixtures we played won’t impact on 2024 fixtures.
Of course it is possible that there could be a new draw.

Was a new draw this year. If we our fixtures are of reversal of Donegal who were relegated will be kerry away first.

Kerry first match I would say ,in croker ??

Going on the presumption (Yes, a lot of presumptions…)

If we take Armagh’s fixtures in reverse:
R1 Monaghan (H)
R2 Mayo (A)
R3 Roscommon (H)
R4 Kerry (H)
R5 Derry (A)
R6 Galway (A)
R7 Tyrone (H)

If we take Donegal’s fixtures in reverse:
R1 Kerry (A)
R2 Tyrone (H)
R3Monaghan (H)
R4 Galway (A)
R5 Derry (H)
R6 Mayo (A)
R7 Roscommon (H)

If it’s anything like last year there will be no fixture confirmation until October/November or possibly later.

I’m going to enjoy the club championships before even thinking about league fixtures for next season


100% live on rte 2 and hyped up to the max as kerry go out to right a wrong.

I think an appeal should go out in November to ensure Marty gets enough underpants for Christmas.

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And they have to clap us into the pitch as AI champs?

Yes please !

Only good thing about relegation last year was being spared that indignity.

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Wasn’t there one year they refused to do it. So fucking petty :rofl:

Of course the bitters all said there’s no obligation so shut the ■■■■ up.

No, they didn’t refuse. Half the squad accidentally ‘forgot’ and ran to warm up instead, according to Eamo Fitz. Shure it could happen to a bishop…


Why should we be forced to play a home game in Croke Park?
Parnell or Nowhere I say !!

There’s some great GAA traditions but in my view that’s not one of them.

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Such a shame we don’t have a ground capable to hosts home games

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Ironicly the prime candidate for such a ground happens to be now literally across the road from Croke Park…

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It would be a waste of money.

We have a clear advantage in Croke Park as can be seen by our 24 point win in Breffni and our 8 point win over Kildare in Nowlan … compared to a 2 point win in Croker.

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