Allianz NFL 2020

Isn’t he twin brother of Paddy?

Armagh looking good this year, exciting team with an abundance of attacking talent.

If only they could clone McGeaneys DNA to add a bit of steel to that backline

Perfect response and one that I would have tried to make myself but for your post. The defections really look to have weakened Cavan and my sense would be that the absences would represent a major psychological blow to their panel, irrespective of the loss in playing ability.

I definitely think this is going to increasingly become an issue, and it might be a long way down the line, but an issue like this - related to the demands on your average inter-county player - could ultimately lead to some sort of semi-professional move.

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No im talking about the game as a sport that it is in great health and the future is bright. Some people seem to think that as a few guys want to jump off either means the end is near or we have to go professional. I am just adding balance that says there will always be others waiting to fill their jerseys. In some cases they will be better having gotten an opportunity and in some cases they will be worse.
But the game will live on after every player playing now

Not so bad, losing 2 players would be detrimental to Kerry :smirk:

Kerry snatch a win despite being 3 down in the home straight. They are the business.

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DOOMED so we are.

True magicians

The commitment is unreal at times.

I know one player who’s left the panel as he’s getting married - and simply can’t fit in the 3/4 nights for the county.

Another player is a spark. Was speaking to his da who’s said the amount of money he’s missing out on is unreal: overtime and homers. And him warming the bench.

C McShane is back from Australia. Rumour is that he’s here’s to stay. Part of me thinks he should enjoy his few years in the sun and earn a few quid. I’m sure MH isn’t doing this for a pat on the back.


Kerry and the Dubs go marching on.

Nah we seem to be really struggling. Hunger seems gone and we’re not scoring goals. I’d be happy to win Leinster this year and just get a bit more experience for the likes of Murch, Con and Howard.

Winning point in the 74th minute, I asumne the gave 2 mins additional + the time needed for Kerry to score😂


Was it the 13th minute the ref gave Mayo the red card tonight?

Could have been, a correct decision or is time a factor😂

Will we order you a Chinese as well? I suppose you want it delivered?

Hopefully we make it. Our lads only back training 2 weeks. Kerry on drinking bans pre Christmas showing their intent. Kerry favourites for the league.

I’d love to see them win it. They are so good to watch - a real breath of fresh air. And the skill levels … sublime. They are really showing other counties how football should be played. Saving the game really.

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Jesus you are expecting a lot of those lads, they are only early 20s. A long way from winning All Ireland’s yet!

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True there @Wifi. I’d prefer to see Scully, McCaffrey and Small push on and realise the potential they showed underage. We can only hope.


Good to see a dub praise Tyrone !

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