Allianz NFL Round 6: Dublin v Mordor - Saturday October 17 @ 7pm - Parnell Park

Gentlemen, start yizzer engines !

Home game at last

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Pints in the Beachcomber?

First round’s on me. :roll_eyes:

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How does these threads work again?

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Any word on TV transmission as yet?

Eir sports :+1:t3:


That’ll do nicely

Nice wan :+1:

How does one watch Eir Sports is it part of having eir broadband ?

Prep for the Champ or not I sincerely hope we hammer these fucks


Yes you can get it that way, but you can also get it as a subscription service off the Sky suite of services.

Yes. There’s 3 Eir Sports channels. You get Eir Sports if you are an Eir Sports customer. You only get the other 2 if you pay for their sports package. They usually have 2 or 3 matches on at the same time, across all their channels on Saturday nights.

Or just download the LiveNet TV app. Has worked a charm for me for years, since I stopped being an Eir customer.


I got that 39.99 package at the start of the year and you get broadband Eir sports and amazon prime. Wouldn’t recommend at all.

They’re awful to deal with, constantly taking wrong information from you, you have to watch games on your phone and chrome cast to tv instead of just the channel (is that for everyone?) internet cuts out regularly out of nowhere and amazon prime won’t work for me. Just my experience but obviously good for the few games they have.

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I think the break is disastrous for us. I expect M**** to be raring to go and to take our undercooked lads for 8/9 points. A Leinster final will do me this year.

Is that an Android only app?

Don’t think so. I have it on my Kindle Fire & that uses the Amazon Silk browser. Not sure if Silk uses Android. Don’t think it does, but maybe the tech nerds on here can tell ya fo’ sho

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Amazon kindle is based on android. Should be able to sideload any android app APK onto it.

Last time we played them in parnell in league 2008, mass brawl , whelo sent to the stand where he has tea/ coffee thrown at him by the mucksavages ,can’t .hockey.them.enough.

Bloody lucky it was only tea/coffee

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The Nell was earthy in those days. I remember an Offaly chap (Finbarr Cullen??) looking for his teeth once - not funny at all but factual.

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