Allianz NFL Round 6: Dublin v Mordor - Saturday October 17 @ 7pm - Parnell Park

Meath due for the drop back to Div 2 aren’t they?

Pity we won’t get a rematch in Nyaaaaaavan next year.

Yeah ,Paul curran smacked him one .Tommy Lyon’s managing them at the time, think that was mickey whelan’s last game in charge as well

Who do yis think will win?

Dubs by 10

Looking forward to this one (or the one on the other thread, or even the other thread).

It’s incredibly difficult to try guess what sort of team Desmond will pick. He gave a lot of the older and proven guys game time in the spring. Kev Mc, Andrews got good runs while Fenton Kilkenny and McCarthy were all to the fore of everything we did well. He also threw some left fielders in there. I wonder will he be so brave now.

A stab at a team, if I get 8 I’d be chuffed.
Fitzy Cooper Byrne
Murch McCarthy Small
Howard Fento
Scully Kilkenny Bugler
Small Mannion Rock

I’d like to see a 10+ win in this one.

Andoid only. As far as I know GAAGO is available in Ireland for these games 5 euro a game,

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Well I thought it was 5, kerry v monaghan is 5, dublin v meath 10 euro🤔

Wow - ripping off the Dubs. That’s new …

yeah I remember that well, I think it was half time they were out on the pitch lookin for finbars delph

The Dubs are back this weekend and I’m sure everyone is delighted and excited to see how the team lines out and who performs well. I’m sure all teams will be using the last couple of rounds of the league to settle on their best 15 for the championship so we probably won’t see many fringe players togging out in Parnell Park this weekend.

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Can’t wait … Is it Saturday yet?

Didn’t know he played for Offaly?

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That could be starting team though I think Cluxton will probably start. This could be ideal game to put Sean McMahon in corner back.


Just dropped a line to GAAGO, to ask why the Kerry Monaghan match is €5 and all the other 1st Div games are €10.

Is it because kerry Monaghan is the only one not being televised here?

I reckon if there are to be any new additions to the team, they’ll appear in the league games. Dessie will probably want to go as full strength as soon he can as the games will start coming fast so need to get up to speed asap

GAAGO are showing streams for $$ for all games not being shown on TV.

It’s been 10 years since Meee-ath beat us in Leinster, (or anything?), 11 since they went further in championship (by an utter lucky freak), and they’ve beaten us once in twenty years in Championship.

Should they still be known as Mordor?

Yep !



Didn’t they win that Sean Cox charity match a few years ago?

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