Allianz NFL1 2020


I wonder will fixtures be decided upon at the next Special Congress.

No. Fixtures are a job for the CCCC

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Thanks Alan, some media outlets suggesting we are away to Donegal while others suggest that we are at home.

Will be really interested to see if Meath can kick on from a reasonably positive summer. If they can get 2 NFL1 campaigns back to back, it will definitely benefit them.

What year of the 2 year cycle are we in, anyone know?

Either year 1 or year 2, that’s a good guess… :sweat_smile:

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You’ll go far son ! :laughing:

Being away to Galway, Mayo and Tyrone, and home to Monaghan and Kerry and having played four away last year must mean that Donegal and Meath are home fixtures. Especially as both of them had four home games this year.

Not necessarily. If we’re in year 1 of the 2 year cycle, it’s not a given what the games will be. For example, a few years ago we were away to Mayo 2 years in a row.


Navan away would be good if its the case they are going to be doing a new draw. Although saw somewhere that CP were already planning ahead for big Saturday when the Princes come to town.

Oh please, please, please Sweet Baby Jebus and all the Choirs of Heavenly Angels, let Kerry be the county that claps us onto the pitch at our first home game…pleeeeeeeeeeez !!!

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And five lamps (:wink:) of honour while they clap!

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And in the relative obscurity of a soft February evening, pay them back for the ambush in Tralee.

I know, i’m a petty fkr…

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That’s not petty. Any self respecting Dub will be only too happy to see the mental scars inflicted on Kerry on September 14, 2019 continue well on into the Spring of 2020. Show the fcukers no mercy, no mercy at all !

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Are you eligible to play u-20 AI if you play in the National League but not the Championship?

Donegal away I would say …so 4 away 3 home.

I’ll let you know as soon as I play my first national league game next year. I might have a problem convincing the referee that I’m under 20 though! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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20 as in age or 20 stone? Asking for a friend… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are in year 1 of a 2 year cycle.

We have three home games (Kerry, Meath & Momaghan) and 4 away (Mayo, Galway, Donegal & Tyrone).

No dates confirmed yet.

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nice handy away fixtures to get to … lovely