Allianz NFL1 2020

Age (thankfully!), but I am moving (very slowly) towards the other one too…:wink:

All very good away days for craic though … bar Tyrone, that’s only good away for champo :joy:

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Meath and Monaghan to be relegated. Both are dirt. Would be great to see Mayo relegated though


On kerry site they reckon they play us on 25 feb in croker

The dates are out. Saw one on a Meath site where we play them in one of last CP matches, so Kerry one is probably correct,

That should be good night. Bit of proper marketing and club concessions and they get 60,000.

That’s how he calculates fares. :rofl:

Anyone else hankering for a league game back in the Nell? Used to love them!

Fcuk off you :joy:

Miss them something terribly, a ghostly Croker is just no fun

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The buzz was very special. Very homely!

O’Byrne Cup final in 2008 was a standout night, one of the few times I could convince the bro to come to a Dubs game. Had a great night before/during/after with an old friend of the site, dubonholiday

Remind me if you don’t mind, was that the late Jayo goal? Against Longford where Kavanagh gave a masterclass?

There was two of them!

Are the dates published anywhere or is it just still word of mouth ?

2 dubonholiday’s?

He is half the man he used to be, literally!

He took up mountain running or something like that?

I haven’t seen them anyways!

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That he did, haven’t kept in touch with him that much since we don’t work in the same office any more. Fair play to him!

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Be a bit odd if you worked in the same office still, and you driving a taxi! :rofl:

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That’s true but I went back to work in the same office 12 months after being laid off for a further 9 months. Reckon it’s over a year since I spoke to him last.

I saw a list of Meath fixtures that has Dublin as their second last game but no dates. So there must be a list somewhere but can’t find it. Such is the joys of not having a Dublin newspaper I suppose, assuming that’s where others are seeing them.