Allianz NFL1, Rd 1, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 25/01/2020 @ 19:15

Triple header with the Junior and Intermediate Club finals

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Don;t think so. Different dates

It is the same date.

Pitch will be in a bit of a state by 7 o’clock if it’s wet, even with all the high tech gadgetry below the surface.

My mistake. Only looked at the headline . Seems a bit much having 3 games on the same evening.

Serious test for Dessie’s first game. Great opportunity for the Return of the Kings to beat Dublin in Croker

Expect a very strong starting 15 for this one …not a hope the lads will want Kerry to get anything out of this.

Might see a different approach to the league with Dessie now in charge. No way he’ll want to give Kerry any chance in a few weeks

The main panel will only be back training about 2 weeks for god sake lads, they won’t be going out to lay down any markers or any of the rest of cliches, very few of the regulars will be involved in this one.


Let’s hope they don’t go to extra time


We are the Dubs.

We are 5 in a fcuking row All Ireland champions.

We don’t need to be laying down any markers what so ever.

Let the chasing pack - Kerry included - worry about that kind of stuff. We’re above all that now.

Rest who we need to rest. Blood who we need to blood. Keep the focus on Sam & nothing else.


any news on Dessie’s back room crew

2012 all over again?

Dub 09
Bud 90
090 Dubud

In other words, doomed?

They are boss, they are.

Heard that Con injured his shoulder in the warm up and didn’t play in today’s Sigerson game. Nothing more than that so far. If true he could be a doubt for this game.

AC joint I’m told. 4/6 weeks.

there isnt anywhere else to post this so this will do. Was just thinking this morning what will be Dessies biggest obstacle this year. I think it’ll be simply that he isnt Jim Gavin. I will wager (although its an impossible bet) that whatever the results we get in the league are, the reaction to them would be totally different if JG was at the helm, especially if we do not get to the final, and lose say to mayo and/or kerry. If I was DF i’d try as best I can to keep everything as close as it can be to the JG way for this year, after all it works. that’s not going to be 100% possible, and we have rule changes from last year to content with, but when you look at how JG phased players back into the panel over the course of the spring and early summer it would be best to follow that after the emotional relief at getting the five.

I dont think this team will rest on its laurels. They know if they get six then some team coming along to get seven in a row will be neigh on impossible in their lifetimes. There are also enough players who have already said they want their own 3/4/5 celtic crosses to motivate and keep the team going.

I was reading over the past while on Dessies reflections of the time Mickey Whealan was manager. He was saying how short sighted some players were in retrospect and how ahead of the curve MW was. Jim Gavin was there and saw that as well and i think those years were the backbone of these years in his outlook and approach. Should be the same with DF as well. Hopefully the fickle element will give him and the team a chance this year. The media will not.


Any word/news on when tickets are going on sale?
Is there a spring series package?
Can’t see anything online as yet…

this week (?) the parnell park passers must get their tickets from dorset street, you collect all the home tickets at once, and then thats it you cant collect them afterwards.

I assume that the usual places will have them from this weekend.