Allianz NFL1, Rd 4, Dublin vs Donegal, Croke Park, Sat 22/02/2020 @ 7pm

Weather not looking great for this so hopefully it’ll be a good enough game. I wonder will team have changed much in two weeks. Cooper is back and possibly more lads

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Possibly a couple of big absentees for this I believe. No names, just told it’s rest time for a couple of lads.

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Weather again? Ah for feck sake, when is it going to end.

We’ll always have weather I’m afraid…


true, bad weather mind you…

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Not sure this is the game for resting players. Points on the board are still needed. We dont want going into the last games still not certain of retaining our position in division. Last game is v Galway in Salthill. I’d hate going into that having to win. The game v Tyrone in Omagh is unlikely to be a stroll in the park either. Apart from all that, Donegal, for me at least, has been one of the mst impressive teams so far, at least from an attacking point of view. Desperately unlucky to lose to Galway and equally unlucky to only draw with Mayo they will pose a huge challenge for us in CP on Saturday evening. I’m really looking forward to it. It promises to be a high scoring game and while Dublin are clear favourites I wouldn’t be that confident and certainly not confident enough to rest key players

I’m reading no Jamesy there @Rochey :confused:

And the weather is not looking too bad for Saturday at this stage.

I didn’t say that

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Certainly we needs points, but we need a performance as well given the lacklustre display against Monaghan. I could understand giving a few a rest, but we can still field a strong team. Bugler, Basquel and Small can give the attacking bite we were missing plus game time for these players that deserve their shot.

Our work rate was poor against Monaghan in the first half and we probably expect a closer to 70 min performance. I’d like to see someone else get a run at midfield as we’ll probably need options there come the summer. If Jamesie is resting ? who will pick up Murphy?


Is the McCarthy being out thing just a rumour or is he definitely missing?

Deliberate here say to confuse the opposition

The absence of Shane Carthy from these games is a surprise to me. He was one of the best players in the Sigerson, if not the form player of the whole competition.

Maybe he is on a separate training regime or something, as some other players seem to be. But to me it would be strange if he wasn’t involved. He would be a stronger midfielder then Gavin or O Cofaigh Byrne at this stage.


Gavin would be ahead of Carthy. Was going well last year before injury. Think too soon for POCB.

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Was good in the two games I’d saw. Hard to say he was levels above.

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I really didn’t think that Gavin impressed as much as some people here seem to think. He had good games against Roscommon and Cavan. But that was about it. He has pace and can take a score. But a midfielders main job is to win ball and there , as far as I can see ,he comes up short. He also failed to sparkle in a sigerson game that was shown on tv. Not sure who the opposition was.I really would be surprised to see him feature at this stage unless he showing very well in training. But is he even on the panel anymore?

Tough to compare those 3 when Carthy hasn’t seen inter county action in years and the other two haven’t featured so far this year

Same could be said for OCB is he even involved? Don’t think Farrell had him underage but Gavin was motm in u21 final 2017.

It’s gas that some of these lads are being written off so cheaply. Then if a young lad appears with another other top 6 county he’s immediately arrived. Calm the fcuk down.


Gavin certainly had a good game that day but was he not playing in hf line? I didn’t remember that he got motm. For me that day the stand out players were Murchan (who was marking their main danger man M. Daly ), O’Shea, and Aaron Byrne. Con was quiet by his standards and Basquel, though only back from injury, had a fine game