Allianz NFL1, Rd 4, Dublin vs Donegal, Croke Park, Sat 22/02/2020 @ 7pm

He dominated Matthew Ruane when UCD beat DCU last year in Sigerson. Has the engine and thought played well against Kerry in league last year. Shane Carthy would be more suited at wing/centre forward.

Any comparison is an inexact science and very prone to personal bias and opinion. But to back up my comparison I would point to the Sigerson this year between DCU and UCD when Carthy was very influential and O Cofaigh Byrne fairly peripheral.

I know O Cofaigh Byrne and Gavin maybe have more mobility (only maybe), and at the end of the day I really don’t know who would fair out the best. But I would have thought Carthy was worth a decent try, but I don’t know if he is even in the squad.

He was midfield all right, but only went on because Foley got injured. He had an excellent game. Gavin did get the TG4 motm but personally I thought Byrne deserved it a little more.

Hoping a few of the second tier forwards get a good run, small, Basquel & Bugler etc.

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Sure Brian Fenton made his first start for 21s in a AI semi final when Shane Carthy had to step away. Gavin not as talented as Fenton but simlar to him never played Dublin minor and a late developer. Gavin probably developed from playing a couple seasons with Lucan. His club mate Emmet O’Conghaile could have benefited playing with club rather than been wrapped up in cotton wool on bench with Dublin.


I think Donegal will fancy their chances here. Any teams with aspiration on an AI will want to beat the champions in the league. They’re going well even if they were pipped by Galway and as we know, they can be very dangerous up front if they get going. Murphy is made for the mark, so we can probably expect a few of them. What’s the story with Costello. Surely he’s worth a run this time of year?

Wouldn’t exactly say Donegal are going well. Seen in 2/3 games they haven’t finished the games properly. A few keys lads missing too.

Another very tough one, theres been no let up for Dessie which can only be an advantage for him and his back room.

Hard to call but if Dessie goes with young lads again in a similar fashion and given the weather predictions it could result in more trouble.

Upfront I want to see Bugler, A Byrne, C Basquel start and if Con is fit again to see game time

Dublin due a far better performance compared to last night out and there will be players looking to put that 1st half v Monaghan right.

I’m just basing it on what I’ve seen on the highlights. If they had beaten Galway, which they really should have, they would be top of the table. Relative to Dublin, they’re going well would probably be more like it.

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The Letterkenny curse! Yeah they’ll be kicking themselves as could be 3/3 but still wouldn’t be massively positive.

You’d of put money on Murphy to kick an equaliser there

He is.

I’d be of the opinion that a win is important as we’d be safe in the division. As being said, the away games in Omagh and Galway will be very difficult. We don’t want to be losing this one.

I think Dessie needs to take more of a bet on a couple of the relatively ‘rookie’ players who have already shown plenty off promise this or last year and stick with them for a few games rather than chopping and changing them too much.

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Yeah Id agree

In terms of league status. This is an important home game and a valuable 2pts.

The team selection will hopefully portray this while still giving game time to players that are showing that extra bit more ie Bugler, Basquel etc

Also if more established players are available again such as Cooper, O’Callaghan Id like to see them get game time.

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Hoping a strong enough team start the match this week.

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I would think that the game after the little break was always a game that would have been targeted to bring guys back for.

Also if anyone was held back because of Sigerson duties, this is the first game played after they would have had a couple of weeks of training with the county.

The first three squads were as thin on experience as I have ever seen. It was sort of disguised by the fact that maybe 12 or so do the team would have been experienced. But after that, most of the guys were relatively new.

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Don’t get me wrong, would be happy to see one or two tried out but more of the established trails if you get me, basquel and bugler for example.

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Co Donegal


Dear Dessie Farrell

My name is Michael. I am 30 years old. I used to go to Glenswilly NS. I support Donegal and the reason I am writing is to complain.

Dublin are winning too many games. You already have won five in a row and beaten every record that Kerry ever held in Gaelic Football. Being a Donegal fan that is very sad.

So the next time Dublin play please make them lose. You should just let the other team score. I hope I have convinced you to not win the Championship or win another match ever again.

Yours sincerely


Dear Michael,

Nice try.



I hope that kid’s letter/response from Klopp is true. Klopp is a ledge.