Allianz NFL1, Rd 5, Tyrone v Dublin, Healy Park, Sat 29/02/2020 @ 7:15pm

Just wondering if anyone else has heard the rumour that Saturdays game might get moved to Armagh as the Healy Park pitch is in a bad way?

Hadn’t heard but that’d be much handier!


Don’t know if there’s much truth in it, it will be interesting to see…

@upthedall might have the answers

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I’d be really surprised if HP is playable.

The snow around here today is crazy. And there’s more forecasted.

Once it melts - HP will be a bog.

The CB would be loathed to take it outside of the county - but O’Neill Park and Pomeroy will be too small for the Dublin crowd.

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Just play it in a neutral venue like Croke Park :wink:


Mickey won’t want to give away any advantage given that relegation is a real worry.

On one condition.

You buy this once used line-o-painter.

Great condition. Would love a good home.


Exactly. But the likes of Edendork just doesn’t have the crowd capacity.

A new county ground has been the priority of the CB for as long as I remember.

I’ll be 6 feet under before one is developed.

Not being smart but if tyrone play anything like this weekend they might be better off not playing at home if they’re going to get a battering again.

Why can’t they just go to edendork again sure we all know the dubs don’t travel :wink:

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Edendork handier to get to than Omagh. But who’d wanna go there!!

Think this one is a dead rubber for Tyrone.

The big one will be Donegal I think.

Edendork is a tidy wee club but I’d say 5,000 capacity max.

Clones be the logical venue no? Tyrone be comfortable there .

Considering that you’d be looking at 5000 Dubs alone travelling up, you’d expect it to be in a bigger ground than Edendork?

Clones sounds just the ticket

But Tyrone need the pts so they’ll choose wisely


Not sure its a given at all

Dubs are not at their best right now and its more muscle memory getting them results

Tyrone will want to put in a shift. They’ll not feel great about that Galway performance but being down to 13 players didnt exactly help

15 v 15 again on what could be a difficult pitch and at home

Id take a 1pt jammy win right now

Expect Tyrone to be a different animal



Edendork is far too small. Although it’d be some sight.

Dungannon Clarke’s is the next biggest in Tyrone - it was to have re-developed for that purpose.

But due to the Dublin crowd, I’d say the Athletic Grounds. I remember Omagh and Ardboe playing there a few years ago in a QF.

Good size, nice pitch, and handy to Tyrone fans as well.

I really hope you’re right.

It’s weird. This is the least excited / most nervous I’ve saw fans before a Dublin game.

As Dub09 said…Mayo and Tyrone seem to be in free fall.

I was the McKenna Cup final last month in the Athletic Grounds, when Tyrone won. Maybe an omen!

Its never easy up your neck of the woods

Dont expect it to be any different

Dubs not firing on all cylinders

Wonder when they’ll make a call on venue.