Allianz NFL1, Rd 6, Dublin vs Meath, Croke Park, Sun 15/03/20, @ 3:15PM

Unlikely to see a repeat of last weekends tunnel drama at this. Won’t be too easy against Meath, haven’t got the points but the last few games have put it up to their opponents. Will be interesting to see if Dessie changes team up much.

An important game for both teams but for very different reasons. Meath will be anxious not to finish pointless and any kind of a positive result in this one would do them a world of good. Losing for us would be unthinkable. So a lot to play for.

Was 08 the last time we played Meath in the league? A load of players were suspended after a brawl during game and missed the final against Westmeath

One thing I recall about Dessie in his playing days, was that he hated losing, but most especially to middle earth. I reckon he’ll put out what he considers his strongest team available with less experimentation. Bring a dark cloud over Mordor so to speak!

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This on the box ??? Will be away for it

Nothing confirmed yet. Tg4 might put it on deferred

Club games scheduled for same date. Will times be brought forward?

If we don’t beat Meath well …

Mordor have been going really well while not getting over the line in games. They will also lift themselves even more when they see the blue jersey. We got to show no complacency and deliver a performance of aggression and pace against them. Keep them unsettled. You would expect Galway to be in the final and can then rest players against us, unless they want to keep from playing us in a final just yet.

If Kerry win 2 remaining games Galway will have beat us to guarantee a place in the final.

Mannion shouldnt start

Would like to see Costello, Basquel and Bugler start

If main stays are available would like to see Con and Cooper get time, is Jack injured?

O’Shea to continue getting game time

Meath have a lot to prove to themselves and will be going in full blooded here, theyve played well enough and will be hurting. Big motivation to put in a performance

Will like to see O’Shea at corner back. Plenty time to bring back Jonny, Con and Connolly. Would rest Fenton. Need to start looking at alternative options for midfield as MDMA is pushing on. Was hoping to see Darren Gavin push on. Shane Carthy has to be looked at midfield or wing forward. We have 14/15 on the team aged 30 plus . Dessie mighn’t change much this year but will gradually have to make changes to the panel.

14 / 15??

Current age starting team last Sept now 30+:
Cluxton 38
JC 30
Mick Fitz 30
James Mc 30
Dean Rock 30

All the other starters well below 30. Not quite as extreme as you suggest.

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I’m talking about panel. Cluxton, Mick Fitz, ROC, Jonny, Philly, COS, Connolly, Jamsie, Deano,Butsy, MDMA, Andrews and Kevin M sll 30+. A lot of them still playing vital roles of the bench but need young lads pushing for starting roles.

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A change of guard is coming

But still plenty of life in “old” dog yet

It’s unlikely to see Cian O’Sullivan play much this year. Nothing seen of him yet and would be very tough with his injury history to get near a championship 15. Such a shame for a brilliant player who’s not at all past it age wise

Why would you rest Fenton. He’s 25. He doesn’t need to rest . The county scene is closing down for 2 months at the end of March. I’m quite sure he doesn’t need or want a rest

Shouldn’t this game be in Parnell Park? It’s not as if it’s much of an attraction.

Could we do the tunnel thing before the match, to give us a free run at the auld football? I’m sure Meath would be up for that?


Fenton is 27. Has played 76 games for Dublin in last 6 years. Has looked tired in recent games.