Allianz NHL 2020



Nowlan Park: Kilkenny v Dublin, 2.0


Parnell Park: Dublin v Laois, 2.0


Netwatch Cullen Park, Carlow: Carlow v Dublin, 5.0


Croke Park: Dublin v Wexford, 5.0


Cusack Park, Ennis: Clare v Dublin, 2.0

I’m sorry, I hate to ask, but if you capitalize the H and the L too, you will have my undying devotion until the end of days. :heart:


I did put caps - stupid software being too clever … got it now …

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Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. :+1:

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Now that that’s sorted - on to judicious, balanced and impartial debate on all the hurling counties that we…ahem…“have no business losing to.” :wink:

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Well indeed, one good win is all it takes for expectations on here to get totally out of control. Need to find a couple of forwards who can perform consistently. And a midfield option or two as well. Looking at the blue stars selection I think we have some options who were not involved this year.

At this stage I’ll be happy if we beat Laois and Carlow by a point and don’t get hammered by the rest. I’ve given up being optimistic about this team.


Boring year ahead same oppositon popping up in the cup league and champ Clare game be special

Don’t panic! Once the footballers have won the twelve-in-a-row, some of the decent dual lads will opt for the hurlers!

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Unfortunately that is the realistic expectation/hope.

I see that the Wexford game is bottom of the bill to the footballers. I thought they had dropped that nonsense for good.

Would have been a packed Parnell and possibly game to determine play off place - for good or bad!

Great way to improve our very average record away from Parnell Park - play yet more games in Parnell Park? :thinking:

It is a better way of beating Wexford, which is the only thing that matters in this instance.

And then get our arses handed to us when we set foot outside Parnell Park come the summer?

No thanks.

Well we can’t exactly play our home games outside the county can we? Not sure what you’re suggesting?

They play their home championship matches in Parnell.

I know that. I meant games on the road & in Croke Park should we make it to the QF stage.

Priority in league has to be to rebuild confidence after the Laois disaster.

From a practical point of view minimum aim will be to avoid a relegation play off and possible drop to 2A. Not as straightforward as it seems as none of the games are easy, and they have a target on their back now.

Playing before the footballers in a game against a team they’ve struggled against in recent years in a possibly vital last match - apart from the dreariness - makes no sense. They ought to have learned that much,

Agreed. Building confidence should be the early aim of the squad and management and winning games will do this.
I think it’s crazy moving the game from Parnell Park and makes it a 50/50 game for us now at best. We will be easily out numbered by the Wexicans.

We will have none of that quarter final talk

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