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Good player to lose at only 28

You’d wonder though. He was at the height of his powers. Not injured. 28. Makes no sense.

Probably work/life/hurling balance. We lost crabber at similar if not younger age to workload. A loss often overlooked when people are complaining we don’t produce skillful players.

That’s very true.

but there is no life balance now. how long are the top brass in the GAA going to allow inter county managers to dictate the association .

Inter county is full time now really - the club is irrelevant .

for me inter county should be scrapped all the way up to u20 level


Absolutely. At a minimum, get 16 year olds (ninors) out of Croke Park and play women’s matches before men’s instead.

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Interesting idea, do think by the time lads are in their mid twenties they’ve been on the road a long time, so curtailing underage county would help. But then lads are mad keen at that age, I don’t like the minor being u17 anyways. Would u19 be better?

Not sure about county being full time, Dublin hurlers went months between last game (july) and the recent Walsh cup game (December) and in the Walsh cup only paddy Smyth had been a regular this year, hardly a match schedule that’s grinding lads into the ground, training might be another story. But not sure Of a workable plan to curtail training.

I’ve said it loads of times but a streamlined county season with one great competition could have more good games (but less games overall) which would allow them to expand the club season greatly. They’re starting to limit players to one grade at county which is a good start.

i think the worst thing you can do is tell a 13 year old … you’r e now an elite player. But aside from that look at the pressure these lads are under with additional teams at county level

club, school, exams is enough … then throw in some arsehole development coaches who never release the players from county training in preference to club matches or training … and it just heaps more pressure on them .

the idea of u17 now being minor was one of the worst ideas ever brought in by GAA. it should have just been scrapped and u19 and u21 levels being brought in .

or alternatively u20 and then u23. Maybe exclude anyone u20 from playing senior inter county and that they can only play with their level up to that point.

But the drop out rate between 18-21 is now enormous and i’ve no doubt elite development squads from u14 up have everything to do with it.

what relevance does the Tony Forristal actually have now …


Imo they should put the emphasis back on club competitions. Scrap intercounty for everything except senior.

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So with the walsh cup out of the way, thoughts on a lineup for the start of the league. A few movers and shakers in the fitzgibbon still to make a case for themselves. Hayes for one seem to have had a good preseason, Dunphy and Madden have done their case no hard. Pól Crummy seems to be going well as aHB for dublin and forward for UCD. McMullen and O’Neill have gone quite well for debutants at this level. Howard is an interesting option. First selection for Kilkenny away will be an interesting one.

A lot depends on if they going to go and try pick the strongest team for some of these games or not.
Our strength is clearly in the backs. In fact I think the 6 almost pick themselves at the moment. However, there were some strong performances from what I would consider the back ups in recent games. Madden, Dunphy, O’Neill and Gray so they would be looking to try and push into the team.
Wonder if there is a case of trying to put one of them in the forwards as have enough backup but that’s like opening the Liam Rushe debate all over again.
Midfield, well that was a problem position last year. I say a number of players will get a chance there.
Forwards. Well only certain starters I say would be Sutcliffe and Dillon with perhaps Ryan (for frees anyway).
Problem up there is someone will have a good performance followed by a few poor ones.
Keeper position open as well.
So all considered plenty of positions up for grabs but mainly number 1 and from 8-15.


Looks like we still lack a goalscorer. I think if we want to really challenge then we have to find a soloution to that, maybe think outside the box.

Id like to see how Sutcliffe would go playing in the full forward line with Schutte and maybe Burke

moving the one regular goal scorer we have (Dillon) away from the FF line isn’t going to get us more goals is it?

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The league for me is where we try things to see if they might be the answer. Dillon is a shoe in for May

League id actually like to see him tried at 12 hes a good hand and the extra space for him to run might suit him and help create more goal chances

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Fair enough, just checking there was logic to what you said or whether you’d forgotten him! :smile:

Ironically the last two years we have actually scored some more goals. If you go back to the Pat Gilroy season it was the goals that kept us in the 3 main games (scoring 2 more then Kilkenny, Wexford and Galway) but still losing those games.
Three goals against Galway last year also.
However, the Kilkenny and Wexford games our only goals were from dead balls so yeah I guess more goal options are required!

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Three against Galway, one was from Crummey and the other was a penalty after Crummey was fouled.

Where is Rushe has he been involved in Walsh Cup ?

No sign of him but it sounded like sean moran and Chris crummy had only arrived back in ireland last week and went straight back in, so seems senior players were given bit of time off over christmas.

Tell me lads who’d be main free taker for carlow or Laois??