Allianz NHL1, Rd 1, Kilkenny v Dublin, Nowlan Park, Sunday 26/01/2020 @ 14:00

Kk team named.not a strong team IMO.will be your best chance in years to get a win in nowlan .no tj richie adrian mullen.joey padraig .paul murphy colin ciallian

Won there in 2015, haven’t played league there a whole lot since.

With laois dublin kk and wex all in rhe group I think this league will be nothing but shadow boxing all round

Yea, pity it’s not more of a mix.

Not the strongest kilkenny team we’ll ever face, but they’re still kilkenny in kilkenny so assume the ones i’ve never heard of are serious enough hurlers.

Want to change your prediction based on that team?

That was McCormack I think


Wonder why we don’t have a team named yet, think they were generally announced Friday evenings last year?

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Sorry Wifi. You are bang on!

Will probably be tomorrow seeing as the footballers were only announced a couple hours ago for tonight

I don’t often say this but if we can’t beat that Kilkenny team, things are very bad.

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Well, a couple of things.

1] We haven’t seen our team yet.

2] We don’t know whether Kenny has slogged the lads this week.

3] It’s Kilkenny, sure those aren’t their marquee names but they’re all well able to hurl i’d imagine.

Have named the team? Pretty sure a kilksnny media source named one…Deewin at 11 oneill at 6 jumped out…Mcmullan and Howard in also

Team literally only posted in the last few minutes, not as experimental as the one you seen!

That team should be winning tomorrow really.

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Strong enough team, concern would be getting enough scores - interested to see who is on the bench

Strange omission of the likes of Paul Crummy who was a standout in the Walsh Cup and inclusion of Whitley, who had a so so Walsh Cup. Also Gray is at CHB whereas Conor Burke is given that position ahead of him with the college. But Gray does deserve a place, has been playing well lately.

The other Burke is probably injured I guess.

But this probably isn’t the team anyway. It’s rare enough he starts the 15 that were picked.

Schutte maybe a surprising absence too, especially as they seem to shoe horn Connolly into the forwards where he doesn’t really play.

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Suspect you’re right WiFi, Expect changes before throw in tomorrow

Bar Sean Moran and Donal Bourke, it’s probably our best 15 there atm. There are another 5/6 going well and will be interesting to see how they got on when given their chance in the league.

Yad expect Boland to go out the pitch or maybe to centre forward. Connolly and Whitley to interchange? Glad to see Jake Malone starting. Has been excellent for Cuala the last few years.

Cian O’Callaghan I thought would be starting