Allianz NHL1, Rd 1, Kilkenny v Dublin, Nowlan Park, Sunday 26/01/2020 @ 14:00

No I agree, but dont think were in a place where we can cut loose all stars with vast experience, hed be far more beneficial as a voice in that squad on the training ground in the dressing room and when needed on the pitch tgen sat in the stands looking on, likewise Keaney

How much hurling has he played since july? Hard to see why he wouldn’t have been involved to date unless he’s injured.

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I still think he can do a job, I just am not sure what that job can be. Strangely he is really poor at a high ball coming down on top of him, i.e. the main type of a high ball into a full forward. He will never win one of those. But drop it a bit short and let him run into it and he is unbeatable. He isn’t great at coming out to a low ball either, especially if he has to do any change of direction. But if he does get it, and manages to turn, he will cause havoc.

I do think if he had have been got hold of early enough and taught how to turn and how to shift his weight from side to side, it could have been a huge asset. Just a technical point with him, I have never seen a player run so much on his heels. It gives him power to break tackles but eliminates his ability to turn.

But everything is a dichotomy with him, for one pretty poor attribute, he has a corresponding very good one. His good outweighs his bad probably. But I don’t think he should become the de facto full forward when fit, without looking at all the options.

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Agree yea, he can cause mayhem, but can also be ineffective For long periods, is there enough mayhem to warrant selection? I’m not so sure. Not an automatic Choice anyway. I don’t understand why he can’t field high ball at ff when he is so strong at that at 6.

Honestly think If Rushe is on starting 15 come champo we are in real trouble

While once the best your CB in the country it a desperation move to have him at FF … reminds me of just throwing hails Mary’s into the big guy … TOP teams can more than handle dat …

But when did he ever show he isn’t still a very good centre back? Coincidently the 2013 Leinster final has just been on Eir sport and Rushe cleaned up at number 6.

I am not particularly advocating he plays there, but there is just an unexplained logic gap in it for me. We have a guy who was once a top CHB, he gets moved into the forwards with partial success - but it seems his past as a CHB is completely forgotten. Yet when Cunningham first started picking him at 14 there was uproar.

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2013 and was are ur answer I think

The feeling was that a mobile chf could expose his lack of mobility/turning speed.

I get that, and it could well be correct. But it didn’t happen enough times to make it a proven fact.

I can see his limitations in that position absolutely and I am not leading a campaign for his re-instatement there. I am just interested in how the publics (and managers) opinion seems to have morphed from indignation when he was moved to the forwards, to acceptance that it is the only place for him. It’s more a discussion topic then making a point really.

It’s a separate issue but I think we have an issue at CHB, I think Moran may be too loose and Chris Crummy doesn’t seem to work there. Daire Gray though was very steady there in the Walsh Cup (although he might share some of Rushe’s mobility issues). I don’t think it’s a major issue, but it is the only position of the back six I would be concerned with.

He had more good games there than bad for sure, and is more effective there than at 14 imho. Just we have more options in the backs then forwards. Moran s more of a sweeper, i wouldn’t mind seeing him tried at midfield tbh, great paw and has the pace and hurling to go wll there.

This will cheer yis up. Watch Richie (he’s not that type of player) Hogan after 20 seconds on Rushe.


I remember that incident well, I think I have referenced it here in the past, I couldn’t remember who the KK player was though.

But it is ridiculous that it can happen in a game and isn’t looked at by any official or mentioned by the commentator. In the same game, some Dublin player is kicked just before half time (McCormack maybe), in again an absolute blatant offence and it goes unpunished.

KK lost the run of themselves that day, they had a sending off as well.

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One of the best days ever in croke park, even allowing for the recent great football team, just never thought we’d see the hurlers tear Kilkenny apart like that In a final, was something special.

That team was a fair while building before peaking there and in 2013.

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Anyone like to try and guess the starting lineup? will we see the regulars drafted in lock & stock or will some of the walsh cup lads hold their places, looking at dunphy and madden, Pól Crummy, Gray etc. Have all had good reports. a good few of them are out with fitzgibbon again today so not the best preparation for a match in nowlan park really.

Going on last year, Kenny didn’t make allowances for Fitzgibbon particularly, so I will go with the below - with the caveat that I haven’t a clue about injuries.

O Donnell
O Callaghan
P Crummy (if Barrett not available)

That’s not my pick, it’s my best guess at what could be picked - but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dunphy, O Neill, Gray, Whitely, Howard or one or two more replace any of the above (in other words I haven’t a clue what he will pick).

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  • Sean Brennan

  • Paddy Smyth - Eoghan O’Donnell - Cian O’Callaghan

  • Chris Crummey - Daire Grey - Sean Moran

  • Cian Boland - Rian McBride

  • Ronan Hayes - Danny Sutcliffe - D.Burke

  • Eamon Dillon - Mark Schutte - Oisin O’Rorke

– Subs From –

  • Alan Nolan
  • Pol Crummy
  • Andrew Dunphy
  • James Madden
  • Alex O’Neill
  • Darragh O’Connell
  • Sean Tracy
  • Conal Keaney
  • Paul Ryan
  • Eoghan Dunne
  • Marc Howard
  • Cian Derwin
  • Liam Rushe
  • John Hetherton
  • Cian O’Sullivan

Hoping to see Brigid’s forwards amongst the sub - think there’s some talent in there. Would Like to see Dunphy and P.Crummy get a run in the league but away to kilkenny migh tnot be the best place to try too many things out.

We have quite a few options about the place now, we really need one or two of them to kick on this year and really challenge for a start, especially forwards.

That team is more likely then mine I think. I forgot Hayes!

I think he will make room for Paul Crummy though.

But if you don’t play Ryan you are leaving yourself two or three points short (as that is probably the difference in frees between him and O Rourke). It’s a tough call.

It would be nice to see how O Sullivan would do…

I’m hoping Paul Crummy was involved with a few of the scores for UCD tonight and he’s an option for the forwards (plays in the corner for UCD) as haven’t seen enough of him to know really.

I would really like to see O’Sullivan get a good run in the league, not setting the world alright with trinity but they’re struggling all over so not sure how much ball he’s getting on. They selected him at 11 the last day which wouldn’t seem to be his best position by any means.

Fair point on the frees, So might bea case for Paul Ryan to start but i think he’s injured. Might mean David Tracy starts.

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If I was picking a team going on Walsh cup, fitzgibbon and the business end off the club championship I’d go with,
1 Seán Brennan
2 Andrew Dunphy
3 eoghan o donnell
4 paddy smith
5 Chris crummy
6 Seán Moran
7 Daire grey
8 Ryan McBride
9 Conor Ryan
10 Danny
11 Eoin dunne
12 Donal Burke (if he is fit) Hedgo otherwise
13 Trollier
14 Mark S
15 Cian Boland