Allianz NHL1, Rd 1, Kilkenny v Dublin, Nowlan Park, Sunday 26/01/2020 @ 14:00

Yea watched the ‘13 leinster final, what a performance but then we had shite results back then also - with largely the same personnel as the good days. that and the '11 league final were probably the best two performances of that era (and any dublin hurling era that i remember) but lets not forget that team was built up over time, they didn’t just arrive at that level overnight. dotsy and Keaney returning to the hurling were huge additions.

what we could do with a dotsy now … seriously under-rated player nationally in my view

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King Henry steps down as Ballyhale manager. No pressure Brian …

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The cat could manage Ballymaloe to the all ireland to be fair.

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He would relish that.

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I don’t know, Rushe should only be hitting his peak - (maybe he could replicate that form at CHB, we don’t know because it hasn’t been tried), Ryan isn’t particularly old, Treacy possibly never really got a whole lot better or worse. Now we have Danny, O Donnell, Crummy, Smith, all real quality. So in terms of talent, I don’t know if we are hugely different. We were very lucky to get into that final after a Cork lad had such an easy chance with the last puck to win them the previous game against us (that would have knocked us out) that he panicked.

Things can look rosier in hindsight, but apart from a few games, the constant comment on here then was the same as now - we haven’t the players / the forwards etc.

For me what is different from the Daly era is the overall aggression and the ability to win a high ball. But I can see signs of it returning.

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I like that Half back line!

I just don’t agree but that’s fair enough

who’s smith ?

I can’t remember who I meant with that name - it’s not as if it’s remotely like anyone else on the team to give me a clue!

Paddy Smyth?


Team named after training tonight I suppose?

According to the interview above 5-6 of the lads had corrective surgery at the end of last season so won’t be back for a bit - suppose the absentees over walsh cup hint at who those are.

Did Kenny and the interviewer have a bet as to how many times they could say the words ‘Walsh Cup’? It’s ridiculous, funny, but ridiculous :grinning:

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It’s the off ball school of interview where the question is longer then the answer and the follow up questions don’t change even if covered by the previous answer.

Still fair play to the dcb, the extra coverage these days is great.


I thought I’d find this easier- got 13/15 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Daire Plunkett played I think? You get him?

nah i didn’t get him and brady i missed too somehow!!! struggled with a few others too but got them in the end. the memory obviously isn’t what it used to be :joy:

Well it was 9 years ago

John Dalton got the line that day. Cats were filthy. Mind you Plunett was doing his party piece with helmet straps!

Kk team named.not a strong team IMO.will be your best chance in years to get a win in nowlan .no tj richie adrian mullen.joey padraig .paul murphy colin ciallian