Allianz NHL1, Rd 1, Kilkenny v Dublin, Nowlan Park, Sunday 26/01/2020 @ 14:00

Picked up a hamstring injury at training a few weeks ago

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You could be right as regards it being near our best, but I hope you are not. We need two or three who aren’t there to come big this year.

I can’t see Paul Crummy not having a big year, and I really hope a couple of the forwards tried in the Walsh Cup come through, (Keogh and Howard maybe).

If that is genuinely near our best we will be ok, but if we can get a couple more, it might be fairly good.

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The panel is looking a lot better this year with the 15 named and the likes of Cian O’Callaghan, Paul Crummy, Dunphy, Donal Burke, Mark Schutte, Hetherton & Howard as well as a few others.

O’Callaghan is best at full back but O’Donnell has made that his own. Possibly slot him into corner back and drop Smith or Madden. Both playing well though. Hopefully Mark Schutte is back to his best. Paul Crummy is certainly one to watch. Can play in a lot of positions too.

We shouldn’t be looking to the likes of Paul Ryan and David Tracy to start anymore. There are better players now. Both have been excellent, but there best is behind them. Burke is a good free taker and O’Rourke is too. Moran can hit longer frees if needed.

Consistency has been a huge problem the last number of years, let’s hope this year they perform in every game. Having a good bench should help.

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Burke and O Rourke are ok free takers (O Rourke ahead of Burke imo), but they are 2 or 3 points a game behind Ryan I think. Maybe they can make that up in general play, I’m not sure. I hear what you are saying, but it’s a high risk call.

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In theory we have a decent looking panel now, but we need some of the younger guys to step up at this level and prove they’re ready for it. Hayes is showing signs, could have a good league. crummy óg Going well at fitzgibbon. & howard for example, D.Burke should be better able physically now. I keep mentioning the brigids pair but they should be looked at as options at some stage. The bench will be interesting tomorrow.


Dropping Smyth or Madden? Pourquoi? Our full back line has been our strongest line. The likelihood is that Cian would only slot in at no. 3 if they wanted to move EOD up the pitch.

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we don’t have inside forwards who scare the life out of teams unfortunately

people who think dublin will win easily in nowlan park… should look at our record there… some of those kilkenny players are seriously good hurlers and will be out to make a name for themselves

O’Callaghan was injured last year and had been one of our best players over the last few years. Smyth and Madden both playing well and Barrett has to come back too. Hard to know what the best full back line is. O’Donnell at 3 is the only clear starter, when all are fit imo.

What has hurt us badly has been the inability to win puck outs and not having enough high quality scoring forward. Let’s hope there is a plan in place to address both issues.

a plan involves having the players … every county manager has a plan. but we are hamstrung by being light in certain positions

In fairness I don’t think any here ever claimed we would win easily.

well there’s always one …

With O’Callghan back O’Donnell could move to six?

Anyone know if its live on tg4

It’s the differed game

panel for today

O Callaghan starting for Malone

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Goal for Ger Aylward off a Dublin block. Cats 1 1 Dubs 0.3

Oisín O’Rorke doing well