Allianz NHL1, Rd 2, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sun Feb 2nd @ 2pm

After the disappointing road trip to Kilkenny, we will need a big turnout in fortress Parnell to get back on track.
We looked good in Walsh Cup against them, but hopefully Laois wont get too much encouragement from the dispirited effort with the extra man in the 2nd half today…
Obviously there will be many opinions but based on Walsh Cup or last year"s form, I would start the discussion with the following…

1 Brennan
2 Smyth
3 O Donnell
4 Madden / O’Callaghan
5 C. Crummey
6 Moran
7 Gray
8 Connolly
9 Boland
10 Sutcliffe
11 Keaney/ Hetherton
12 D Burke / P. Crummey
13 O’Rorke
14 Trollier
15 Howard / Ryan

Both Keaney and Burke would have been key in half forward line today to win ball and take scores but if not available or involved, I would start Crummy on wing and put Hedgo on 40 as a ball winner.
We need hurlers to get goals inside so until Ryan is back and can cover freetaking too, I would try Howard as others introduced have not taken their
chance to shine sufficiently…

What would you think of moving Crummy to the half forwards? Deffo need a keeper change anyway!

Kenny said Keaney hadn’t decided whether he was coming back or not wasn’t in Nowlan Park today

Surely at this stage Mattie has to be saying to Conal that he’s to make his mind up fairly sharpish or the door is shut

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Yeah but I suppose he’s not long done with boden. Not good for anyone not knowing what’s happening

Dublin need to plan without Conal - we need to build for the future !!

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this game is suddenly huge.

he’s 37 i mean really any club or county team building a team around that age profile really is ready for the knackers yard
he can definitely contribute but jesus if our hopes reside with him we can pack it up now i think


back to the kevin fennelly era … christ i thought we’d left those days behind:rofl:

More or less my thoughts exactly. I would probably go with Ryan ahead of Howard (to start anyway).

We need more options though, a Ryan or a Keogh (or similar) has to come through this year.

I am still confused as to why we have the DCU centre back (Burke) available but he apparently isn’t worth a run out.

whoever starts just dont play with 2 sweepers, in fact dont play any sweeper…Hayes or Schutte at 14 the other on the wing hedgo the other wing Dillon at 11. Danny to Mid with ODonnell Moran back at 6 and O Callaghan back to 3

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I’m all for constructive debate here lads but there’s no need for that level of abuse for a younglad trying to break onto the dublin team.

  1. Brennan
  2. Paddy smith
  3. Eoghan o donnell
  4. Dunphy
  5. Chris crummy
  6. Conor Burke
  7. Sean Moran
  8. Conor Ryan
  9. Rain McBride
  10. Danny
  11. Eoin dunne
  12. Donal Burke
  13. Cian o Sullivan
  14. Mark S
  15. Trollier

not bad at all - the forward line at least looks exciting

Looks a good side that some good forwards other then trollier doing all scoring and damage

Think we’d struggle on our puc outs with that half forward line

That could be potentially good - but to throw in two totally untried forwards would be a bit of a Hail Mary, reminiscent of Cunningham. It might work, or might not - but it wouldn’t have been arrived at logically. If he has seen them in training, and they are flying, it could be good though.

Same with Conor Burke. I think he deserves a shot, but I would like to have seen it tried in the Walsh Cup first.

The fact that he’s picking a Midfilers/HF at CF and a Wingback/midfielder in the HF line suggests that an out and out CF and HF who weren’t on the bench for any of the Walsh cup games are not in his plans.

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Think Brennan has to start on goal anyway. I’m not one to slate players from behind a screen and I’m sure he himself will be the first to acknowledge that it wasn’t Nolan’s finest performance yesterday.
Wouldn’t be trying too many lads in new positions in what has become an important game after yesterday. I’d go with the following:

  1. Brennan
  2. Smyth
  3. O’Donnell
  4. O’Callaghan
  5. Moran
  6. Gray
  7. Crummey
  8. McBride
  9. Connolly
  10. Danny
  11. Boland
  12. Schutte
  13. O’Rourke
  14. Hayes
  15. Dillon

Dónal Burke is injured and doubt he will be back for Sunday, and may not be risked if he plays during the week with DCU. As for Conor Burke, I think we would have seen him by now if he was in Mattie’s plans, surprised that he’s not.

Madden is the only player who is unlucky to miss out on above going by recent performances. I think Gray has good positional awareness and so might be better in the centre than Moran and Crummey who both like to attack and are well able to score from distance


I wouldn’t agree with Danny and donal you probably have two of the best lads able to field a ball from the air in Dublin aswell as beat the man and take the score.