Allianz NHL1, Rd 2, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sun Feb 2nd @ 2pm

Donal Óg thinks we’re in trouble, if nothing will motivate the lads for Sunday stick that one on the dressing room wall.

If that’s all Donal Og needs to do to motivate them, then give him the managers job.

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Eoin Dunne has not committed to the panel as far as I am aware

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Has not committed? Was the panel not cut on Friday?

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From an outsiders perspective, it’s not an unrealistic comment though. I don’t think so, but that was definitely a bad start.

Question - was Nolan at fault for the third goal? I was too far away to see at the game, and I can’t bring myself to watch the recording yet!

Only watched the highlight through my fingers but some of the playing out from the back was appalling. all three goals were flukey (shot blocked and fell to kk forward) or handed to kk on a silver platter.

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Considering we didn’t see him so much as on the bench during the Walsh cup, perhaps it’s not surprising.

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Real shame, that lad looks a serious talent, one id be looking at building a team around


Not starting our best back & best forward v Kilkenny (Gray & O’Rourke). Cabbage.

Eoin Dunne has opted out.

Think he had the ability to make it at this level anyway, but we didn’t see sight nor sound of him in the Walsh cup when we were short a pile of players, which suggests he either has a knock or was well down the pecking order - so he might have decided to not hang around as training fodder. Or he migh thave been cut as the panel was apparently cut on Friday. who knows .

In fairness if anyone who puts up their team selections has them criticised as ‘cabbage’ then no one is going to put them up - then we will have nothing to talk about.


I think the team is going to be like that. I am not sure if Boland will keep his place as he got practically no ball on Sunday, but I think he should, as he was just being played out of position.

i thought O Callaghan wasn’t great to be honest the other day. He is a great man marker, but he doesn’t bring a huge amount of offensive minded stuff to the team - the likes of Dunphy were impressive enough there during the Walsh Cup.

I would start Paul Crummy, he can bring something different. But I would start him as a forward and Mattie hasn’t tried him there yet, so it’s unlikely he will this weekend. I agree re Conor Burke, but he is unlikely to get a run out now.

I would maybe slot Malone in there too somewhere. We need guys who will execute the skills all the time, not do two things great, but then turnover the ball the third time - Malone is consistent on the ball.

Conor burke is a scoring Half Froward who can win his own ball with vinnes. We’re crying out for scoring half forwards who can win their own ball. We’re also crying out for corner forwards with pace and o’sullivan is nowhere to be seen. We lack pace in the middle third and dunne is another HF who can win ball and attacks at pace. didn’t make the match day walsh cup panel when we were down a load of players … maybe they’ve been looked at and didn’t impress but it’s a worrying trend really.

Burke got two x half games last year I think the in Walsh Cup last year, its not a lot to prove your case (and I thought he did well actually).

O Sullivan must be in there somewhere (you would hope), maybe recuperating from injury or something. Likewise Winters hasn’t been seen yet. If Dunne has opted out. as the lads above suggest, then I guess that explains it. It wouldn’t be great, but it would explain it.

Barrett, Rushe, both Treacy’s and Winters must all be recovering from something. Keaney we don’t know about (and has to be near the end of the road anyway).

This (link below) has undergone some little updating recently. There are no new guys in it, which makes sense as the panel wouldn’t be finalised yet. But O Carroll (as one of the older heads) isn’t there, so he must not be involved.

The Fitzgibbon is still on, so there may be a lot up in the air, the next few weeks will tell.

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Back in our patch where we’re normally very formidable we will account for Laois who were poor enough by all accounts against Wexford

The last day we weren’t 12 points worse IMO combination of tactics & poor management of extra man lead to the margin of defeat

At the moment our lads going down to Nowlan Park, in a competition that Cody openly targets to drive the culture he demands for the serious stuff in the summer, was a really bad spot for our lads to be in considering we were almost favourites with the bookies

We’re notoriously bad away from home, I think we’ll get a run of the mill six point win and set us up to go on and have decent league.


Ye cabbage.


I think you are right @Brogan, but that unfortunately won’t make the tactical issues go away. That game reminded me a lot, tactically, of the league game v Limerick last year at the same ground.

I had high hopes for Matty at the start of last year. But since Sunday which I know was first round of the league I am definitely less optimistic. At the start of the year if you asked anyone involved in Dublin hurling to summarise the team. Theyd all probably say we had 6 good backs and Danny up front, the rest of the places are up for grabs. What I had hoped for Sunday was a different keeper, a new midfield combination and a few top performers in the senior championship given game time. What we got was same keeper, cian o callaghan playing in a place where he was uncomfortable looking(he’s a man marker and the fullbackline is his only line). We also got a midfield that we have seen previously and a forward line which was outnumbered. Beggars belief really.
Team for laois, I hope will be along these lines.
O callaghan
O donnell
O neill
P Crummy
O rourke


McGibber would have been useful against KK, he can score in the tight. Hopefully back soon too.

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Would you drop Smyth @petergriffin?