Allianz NHL1, Rd 2, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sun Feb 2nd @ 2pm

More scored in those forwards hopefully, surprised at Boland being left out, tends to get a score or two from Hf line. Malone at midfield could work.

Boland had a nightmare last week, I think he had the ball in his hands once. But he was out of position.

He had a very good Walsh Cup at midfield or HF, throwing him in the corner didn’t make sense.

Exactly, been one of our form players to date and is never a corner forward so seems harsh to drop based on that. But he’ll likely see some time anyway.

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The next three or four games will tell us about Mattie. His first year was actually ok, except for the last game. But that success may have been a hangover from the Gilroy era. Even Cunningham had one decent year after Daly. It’s the second year that tells the story. So we will see. Kilkenny was shite, but that’s only one game.

Will you be ok if Laois win @Wifi. I ll be very concerned about you if they do.

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don’t forget to get your predictions in here

Thanks for the concern! I’m touched :+1:t2:


Sorry could nt resist. Your gra for the hurlers surpasses mine by millions of whatever it is we measure these things by …:grinning:


Madness is the word I think you are looking for :grinning::grinning:

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Cant believe any hurling supporter would want to see a black card and them other silly mark rules have ruined football.

Mark rules? Yes, they’re shite. Surprised a Kilkenny fan doesn’t like the black card? Not a bit. :joy:

As I said surprised any hurling fan would want the black card.maybe you will be showing mattie the red one after tomorrow.:sunglasses:

The punishment for a black card offense should be a penalty. Simple as that. Good stats, goals, instead of bad stats cards. Even Cody could get behind that.

Nothing wrong with the rules of hurling no need for chamge.

I think the reward for stopping a goal chance by fouling is too good, that needs to be balanced somehow.

Watching Alan Cadogan tonight live and he’s the sort of forward Dublin need. Pacey able to take a tackle always looking to take his man on and well able to take his score

Aidan Mellett I think his name is from Ballyboden plays exactly like him, just needs a lot more hurling wonder if he is on the Dublin panel?

Agree. The amount of pull downs in hurling is increasing by the year.


Mellet nowhere near as good as cadogan.

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I went to school with his brother, Will.

Will Cadogan dul go dtí an leithreas.