Allianz NHL1, Rd 2, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sun Feb 2nd @ 2pm

On team selection…

  1. Surely cian o c wont be playing wing back again. Fb line or nothing for him.
  2. Boland starting and being left in the full forward line last day was a joke imo. He’s a hf or mf.
  3. Good to see Donald burke in. Super hurler…but strikes me as a bit soft. Needs to show some spine. If he does I have no doubt he will substantially improve the forward line.
  4. Decent looking forward line for tomorrow. Hopefully they can be physically imposing as a unit.
  5. Mattie has had some odd selections over the last 2 years. Not only that, but he seems to think that our country team can play like his cuala team. He really needs to realise that this is not club hurling. County hurling teams are eating up this tactic.

That is your best yet!

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Agree but he is that type of player, fast a nightmare for defenders to mark, again just needs a lot more hurling

Not a bad team if you switch O Callaghan with O Donnell.


We don’t need black cards and sin bins in either code, we need 1 very simple rule, borrowed from soccer. Deny a clear goal scoring opportunity and you get a straight red.

Because if I’m a full back, I take a yellow or ten mins in the bin every single time if it means stopping a goal. Red card and a 2 game suspension?? Now I’m starting to think twice about it.

Aidan Mellett started and scored a goal in our first Walsh Cup game against Westmeath in December. Unfortunately he injured an ankle in College training shortly afterwards and is still rehabbing.


Simpler to just give a penalty. And better stats.

The calculation becomes free shot from 20 meters or do I let him go and hope he misses or points instead.

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Boland must be injured

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Is that not him on the left?

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Looks like it was

Hon the dubs!

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Trollier gone. Looks like hammer. Hope it’s not.


We dont have a specialist corner forward to replace him. Keogh on, assume shuffling things around, Moran started for McBride as well.

He isn’t good enough anyway according to some experts on here.

1 point from play. Hardly one hook or block.
1.6 to 6 points