Allianz NHL1, Rd 3, Carlow v Dublin, Netwatch Cullen Park, Sat Feb 15th @ 5pm

Regardless of missing Dillion should be beating Carlow with ease

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Danny out as well. The weather is awful here. Going to make for a scrappy one.

did you not advocate this earlier in the year ?

we’ll we doing well . it could be a tight one . conditions are terrible . that wind is a lottery.

not sure how much you’ll learn from playing in conditions like today

5 years from now with climate change you’ll wonder how many matches club or county will be played before March.

I suspect the game will be closer than some might think.

The Walsh Cup game v them was pretty much tit for tat.

there are 4/5 carlow hurlers who get onto most teams in my view. It’s never a pushover

this is dublin hurling 2020 not 2013

Hopefully know early enough in the day anyway

On…for now!!

Going to be a mess of A match if the weather there is anything like here.

100% rain in Carlow @ 5 according to the iPhone weather app. But how accurate that is for Carlow god only knows

They should postpone it now. Madness. Lots of other games gone anyway so refixes will have to be done.

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Being on TV probably aids it happening also

Call it off and be done with it. Players would only be at risk in that weather as would supporters travelling to it.

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dublin county board should step in and say we aren;'t travelling

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Waterford limerick put back to tomorrow im sure that was the live game at 7 so tv wont determine if on or off, common sense needed now, call it off

U20 football going ahead in Parnell.

It’s funny scrolling twitter though how game cancellations or lack there-of bring out the capital letters. There are a heap of people on both sides of the argument proclaiming things an UTTER DISGRACE. Who would be an official that has to actually make the decisions!

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Indeed. Who was to know a storm called Dennis was imminent

you wouldn’t need to be Michael Fish to figure it out

this pitch has passed inspection as carlow feel we are ripe for a picking on a shithole of a pitch .


They have a few very good hurlers but we beat them 3-20 to 0-18 in Walsh cup, which is a good win really.

Not sure tomorrow is going to be any better.