Allianz NHL1, Rd 4, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park, Sat Feb 22nd @ 5pm

Huge game this. Any word on whether Dillon’s injury is serious/strain or what? If he’s not fit to start I’d be tempted to start young Keogh and see how he gets on with that pace on the space and surface of Croke Park. has scored 1-04 in just over 70 minutes of hurling which is pretty good going.

Clare are away to Kilkenny and Laois take on Carlow, so we probably want a Clare win so they have qualified by the time we make the trip to Ennis.

This could end up being a huge physical confrontation.

Playing in CP is pretty much an away game for Dublin. A win over wexford there would be massive

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This will be the biggest indication yet of where we actually are. Really looking forward to it… Or dreading it… Not sure which!

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a good performance is paramount. Absolutely required after the Kilkenny debacle .

A win maybe a bridge too far but a good performance will be heartening

Need to be realsitic

We need to put up a respectable score anyway, win or lose.

we need to be within 3-4 points i think minimum

we need this more then they do

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Going to be a tough one, good win for Wexford over Kilkenny, mind you Kilkenny are still short the Ballyhale players. Wexford are strong and well organized Defensively and in O’Connor, o’keefe and McDonald they have some Very good forwards.

Thing is, Wexford have a man that can hold TJ. Literally!

I schlepped down to the Ticket Office on Dorset St. yesterday and the kuntz were closed.
Drowned and still no tickets. It’s a good job I’m retired and have fcuk all else to do.


Think we need to trust our full back line here, leave space in that area and swarm between the 2 45s to prevent space for their running game/short pass game. If we clise that option down and force them to go early and.long in to mcdonald Id be happy ODonnell could do a number on him.

This would mean wed have to be smarter with our own game when in possessio though


Great post. We should mark their sweeper, in other words, if I get what you are saying? Fully agree.

That all makes sense. But the whole thing is very dependent on Sutcliffe and Dillon, without them we are short 1/3 of our forward line, and probably the best third.

Out of the six starting forwards the last day I am not sure who apart from Hayes would be a 100% guaranteed starter the next day. O Rourke probably, Hedgo played well, but I am not sure if CP is for him. Crummy will start, but not sure where. Burke will probably start because he usually does. But there is no one in there who you would absolutely say is a sure starter.

I would like to see Boland, Rushe and Keogh start, because they have the potential to do more then just hold their own. Boland probably in the middle with McBride. O Rourke might do damage in CP. I was one of the few who thought it was a good idea to move Rushe to the forwards originally, but I am now probably one of the few who would like to see him at least tried in the backs again.

Schutte is not motoring at all yet. So it’s a big call if you allow him an important game to get up to speed. On the other side, it’s probably not good to dent his confidence by dropping him (who’d be a manager!). My six forwards would be (assuming no Danny or Dillon)
Hedgo, Crummy, McBride (or move to midfield and play Burke)
O Rourke, Hayes, Keogh.

It’s ok, but in the absence of the big two, it’s not great.

We need lads with pace, plus a few ball winners, from 8 to 15. Do we have that?

I’d like to see Keogh tried at midfield he was captain of both minor and u20 teams playing in midfield. Lacks height at half forward but his pace and direct running could open things up if he was laying midfield. He gets stuck in too and seems to know when to lay the ball off. When solo running he seems to wait until the last second which creates problems for opposing defenders too.


I like him floating around the HF and FF lines running at people, has the pace and strength to beat a man and that’s his first instinct. If Dillon is missing we’re short of pace in that FF line. He has scored 1-04 in 60-70 minutes of hurling, even allowing for the opposition that’s good going. Even on a heavy pitch he’s good at getting a low ball into his hand and before you can blink he is taking his man on.


We had plenty of ball-winners v Carlow: Hedgo, Crummy, Hayes, Schutte, McBride was Hf for a bit and Burke but not much of what you would describe as serious pace until Keogh came on.

Was at a club match in Abbottstown this evening and the lads were training on the surrounding pitches. Some serious work going in that you would associate with pre season training as opposed to an individual match prep. I know Davy Fitz is on here so I won’t mention the tactics seen :eyes:


Three sweepers but say fcuk all