Allianz NHL1, Rd 4, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park, Sat Feb 22nd @ 5pm

The sad thing is that there are a few lads playing in Dublin who could give us more options in the forwards and they’re not available for whatever reason and I don’t mean the lads with the footballers. Really makes things harder.

Ye seems to be. When we had Daly in charge he used to make sure we had everyone that makes a difference he even managed to cajole a few footballers. Daly had a way weaker team on paper but got every ounce out of them. Anyway let’s see come Summer it may click.

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It seems real strange that two Cuala lads who were heavily involved last year opted out considering it’s their former club manager in charge. And I think it could be fair to say Kenny was probably kind to Cuala lads last year in some instances. Of course Treacy and O’Connell could have completely different reasons for opting out. Probably benefits Cuala in the long run with less players with county team. Stapletons knowledge of Dublin hurling is excellent because of his connections. These two being out wouldn’t be known without him


Let’s hope so, could use a few injuries clearing up.

Still took awhile to build the team, took a few cracks at Wexford to finally get over them in championship and that Wexford team was not as good as this one. And let’s not edit out the bad days we had under dalo. When we were bad we were horrendous.

We’ve been very unlucky with knocks and strains and now crummy. Boland was going well then had a knock, Danny just back from hammer strain, Dillon also, Hedgo was going well and picked up something. It has Really broken up the team and left us with constant chopping and changing.

Ah here…!

Not sure re young Treacy’s reasons but O’Connell has recently become a father I hear.

Very strange alright, and quite alarming at the same time. Think that’s the 2nd time in 3 seasons O Connell has opted out? No reasons given but would give you quite the cause for concern, were not blessed with depth as it is.

What Daly took over was a really poor team. You could see progress ever year aswell until we won something. I’m not sure I see any progress under the current regime.
We were usually up against the best team of all time too in Leinster so there was no shame loosing to the cats back then.

You could, but it still took time to build till key men matured etc. really think injuries have hampered us this league. But Daly had problems with injuries as well to be fair.

The cats back then were ridiculous but Wexford were average enough and we had to build to get over them, some very close calls just like now really.

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I agree that it seems this league has been tougher then last year but I think we’ve had more disruption this year, with regulars out and lots of niggly injuries & disruption, seems like it to me anyway.

On the plus side grey has had a decent league, so has madden & McBride. Didn’t go for keogh v Wexford but he didn’t get any ball really. Wouldn’t be too harsh on the ff line against Wexford, their Sweeper system makes it hard to create goal chances.

Just seen the O’Donnell red on tv, what a joke of a red ffs. Yerman fell over the hoarding.


daly got the back of some very good underage teams … it’s a while since we had a good one. we’ve only had one decent minor team recently . and u17 is irrelevant now as they are still kids

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That goal doesn’t get any better on second viewing. Some of the frees & cards were very soft. Despite the end we really did control a lot of that game. As Rory o Connor said there’s nothing between these teams really and people are touting Wexford as top 3-4 teams.

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The tv coverage missed how Wexford took possession. Moran moved forward off his man in an attempt to intercept the puck out, but totally misjudged it or just lost it in the lights. It was an expensive gamble with 2 mins left. Without the goal Wexford wouldn’t have won.

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Absolutely agree here. We gifted wexford the game through our own errors. Unfortunately seems to be a mental block when we get ahead in tight games. Vs wexford last few times in particular. Theres still positives to take.

Paddy Smyth did well throughout. Just a shame he did not decide to come out and make o connor make the decision for the goal

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Can see why he didn’t but yea, was the earlier mistake and the crazy o Donnell red (from ref) didn’t help.

Yeah it’s strange. Obviously understandably if he has become a father as mentioned above but Stapleton hasn’t mentioned anything like that just that he’s not there. I always assumed he was out of favour with Cunningham/ Gilroy and he was impressive for Cuala during that time maybe he just dosent think it’s worth it which is fair enough. Treacy strange though he’s still young and with his brother involved

We’re probably just not quite scoring enough when on top, Dillon made a big impact when he came in, Hedgo was in fine form as would have been ideal there on Saturday. Danny and Boland just back from niggles, we’re just not a settled team due to all the injuries.