Allianz NHL1,Rd 5,Dublin Vs Clare, Sunday March 1st 2020, Cusack Park @ 2pm

Tough one to finish up with. Assume it’ll be no knockout for Dublin now?

Even if we win in Clare then Laois would have to beat Kilkenny for us to progress.

Yeah, it’s a game with no meaning really for either team unfortunately.

Be good to get a win in Ennis. They won’t want to lose to us at home regardless.

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Agree a good test and we need to avoid a bad loss.

Great opportunity to get the confidence back.

I’d nearly expect us to win, or I would have before it became meaningless. Now there is no knowing what team he will pick.

On the team, I would like to know it well in advance and be sure he will stick to it. If it’s very experimental I might not travel, if they are going to try and win it, I probably will.

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You’d imagine he won’t want to lose another one. Winning is a habit we need to break the cycle of defeat against teams ranked higher than us. I’d imagine Clare will give their subs ago so hopefully that’ll give us a better chance than if they weren’t sure of qualifying.

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Is this on TV anyone know?

Not on tg4 anyway

Least motivated ive been in a long while for a game. More so to do with the fact even a win is highly unlikely to qualify us for a place in the quarters.

We do need a scalp though before we head in to champ. If I was Mattie, bar injuries, id be playing the 15 i have in my head for Kilkenny

He does need to see them out together. There is a very long gap now until May. It does call into question the call to effectively give up home advantage last weekend (as Wexford have played CP more then us in the last 18 months, CP was at best neutral). If we had won that, we could well be looking at more games, and at a minimum Sunday’s one would mean something.

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Daly mentioned on Sunday game that if clare win they’ll go straight to semi so might still have a strong enough team out

How many teams from each group go through again?I thought it was 4.

Top 3 from each group, 1st goes through to semi final and 2/3 play QF

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Top 3 in each. Top of each into the semi finals. 2nd and 3rd into the quarter finals

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Same as myself. I think we have the potentially of a very good team but im not too optimistic the way things are going. It could be the things flick on come championship, however I think to be successful it’s small bricks step by step. Had a look back at out minor(u18) team from 2017 which reached the all Ireland semi final and the u17 team which reached the all Ireland final the same year. These were obviously decent teams yet. Davy Keogh and Dunphy are the only guys from those teams who seem to be on out panel. By contrast you look at the Cork team who they played in the u18 match and about 6 of them are on the current Cork panel with a number of them starting and getting chances. Tipp too threw in a number of their u20 team last year and it paid dividends in the final and semi final. Limerick when they won the all Ireland had a very young team. I’d like to see us go a similar route particularly from midfield up where we are struggling for scores from play against the top teams.


Thx for that.

The fact that Currie, from that team, hadn’t been looked at surprises me. Gannon was getting game time last year, but now isn’t on the panel.

But there are previous good minor teams that we haven’t bought through lads from either. From 2016 we have Cian O Sullivan, the other Currie, C Burke, Ryan etc. These are lads that haven’t gone away, they are still hurling.

I know he can’t try everyone. But we need a few forwards, and I am not sure if he tried enough guys there. Keogh will come good, but so could Currie, O Sullivan, Dunne etc. Paul Crummy was maybe our best u21 two year’s ago, maybe ahead of Hayes, but we have hardly seen him. It’s all a bit strange.


That’s the thing if these guys were giving a chance and weren’t up to it fair enough. Anyway they aren’t going to get a chance which is disappointing. Let’s hope we are injury free come June and are extremely up for it so we can get a bit of momentum going. It’s been too long since we had a proper summer of hurling where we got good results.