American Football League (NFL) 2019

My three takes as we get near(ish) the new season.

  1. LA Chargers will go close to winning at least an AFC Championship if not the whole thing.

  2. This will be the year we’ll see a regression from TB12

  3. Saquon Barkley will disapoint alot of people as the giants O Line is still dirt

3a) Derrick Henry will have a monster year

Chargers look like a loaded roster alright, but always seem to flatter to deceive (seem to be blighted by key injuries or bone-headed special teams gaffs and the likes)

Agree - TB to fall off, maybe dramatically…the Pats will rue the day they traded Jimmy G, could be the new face of the league (my Mrs thinks so anyway…)

Think Barkey might start slow and then absolutely explode. He’s a dual threat ala LeVeon Bell, so may end up with 1000 yards rushing and 800 receiving.

Totally agree re Henry, gonna target him early in my fantasy draft for sure. He’ll get 300+ carries and all the goal-line stuff hopefully, with Dion Lewis only coming in on 3rd downs or when they are chasing. Definite playoff team IMO.

I’m excited to draft Henry I. Round 2 of my fantasy draft.

I really hope Saquon can be a Bell type influnce just that line is so poor

If TB12 DOES slow down it’s going to be a story line that sustains the season

I see Jimmy G came out with comments about Brady this week , claimed hes better than Brady .
Is will be interesting to see if he can back that up this season .He certainly had a great start in San Francisco after the trade .

Yea I saw that. Think he was more saying that you always have to believe you are the best QB on the team even if in realty you may not be. Will be interesting how he does this season and how long he can keep his unbeaten record going!!

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Looks like it was a bad move trading him too.
He would have been a good successor to Brady .They could be up shit creek in a year or too.

I think the full story is yet to come out about that trade and who wanted it and who didn’t.
I think it’s a year too early to count Brady out myself

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Of course but he’s 41 next month . His longevity is unreal but hell surely go into decline over the next few years unless he keeps healthy.

Yea looks like a bad trade now especially considering they only got a second round pick for him and how few top level QBs there are.
Could have been a seamless transition similar to Rodgers taking over from Favre.
Brady has so much power there it looks like it was his call, i’m sure Belichick would have kept JG if it was up to him

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News out today Jim Kelly has beaten cancer , for second time !


What do you learned folk envisage for the Giants this season?

Personaly think it’ll be a 8-8 season with a few scalps (eagles)

Any hope of playoffs?

All depends on the rebuilt O-Line…

History would tend to say that it may start out shaky, but should (injury allowing) get better over the season. If they can hang in there and be say 4-4 at half way, they may make a late push for a w/c spot.

Skill position wise, they could be as good as anyone by the end of the season, with Odell, Engram, Barkley and possibly a breakout year for Sterling Shepard…where there’s talent, there’s hope. Look what that coach got out of far less talented group at the Vikings…

Still think Eli will be the worst player in the HoF when he gets there…

@Brogan as if on queue Chargers have lost their top CB and potential break-out TE for the season already…every year they get ravaged by injuries!!

Would anyone here be interested in a Ressers NFL Fantasy League either on or ESPN.
This would involve participants being free some evening to live draft players before it all starts in early Sept.

Finally got around to watching “The Two Bills” .
A bit of the Belichick about our own Jim :wink:

I would defintley yeah

My ante post bets will have to be revised so!

Yeah defo. preferably :slight_smile:

Yes 100% - and DEFO

How does a fantasy league work involving the nfl .How are points awarded ?