American Football League (NFL) 2020-2021

The draft will be tricky this year for fantasy football

A lot of standout players from previous seasons have moved on to new teams and schemes.

Will be interesting to see how Bell gets on with the Jets.

Could be a lot of early round busts in fantasy terms

Keeps it interesting at the same time!
Certainly some players will benefit, while others will deminish…I would generally thing older guys getting paid will fall off (see Bell and AB), but others will be motivated to prove the doubters wrong (see OBJ)

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Brady in being a complete dick shocker

Jaysus poor fucker

Give me a dark and damp shipping container over that any day!!!


Not enough money to pay the student athletes …

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Just logged in to the NFL Fantasy App there, we still have the league there

Are we going again this year?

Any preferences for the draft date and time?

I’m in anyway. No real preference on the draft date. Maybe leave it late enough to give lads a chance to jump on board


Oh yes , count me in !

Christian McCaffery looks like the number 1 pick…

I had him the last 2 years. Wont have him this year :frowning:

if there is any space ill jump in

Can’t log into the app. Have reset the password a few times . Logs me into the webpage no problem .

I’m in.

The commisioner is Coilin who is @TippDub I think.

There’s 4 open spots in the league at the moment to fill

Will have a look at this league Friday night and get back to yiz with the league ID number etc. If anyone is interested in playing you might confirm same.

Managed to log in last night. When’s the season starting, September ??


Some touchdown from former Wasps player Christian Wade for the Bills last night