American Football League (NFL) 2020-2021

That was an absolute joke. Mug that i am, logged in around 9.15 and was 84k in the queue

Ah it was a farce… I logged on about 8.15 and was 28k in the queue! But a complete shitshow of a system. I eventually got in at around 11am, and could only see single tickets floating.

But thankfully a friend had managed to nab 5 when he had got in around 10.30.
All’s well that ends well!

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6 game suspension for Watson



To think Ridley got a year for throwing a few shillings (to him) on a bet. And missed out on 11m in salary… Watson stands to lose 333k!


Anyone going to the college game at the end of the month?

Was onto one of the lads in the Irish NFL podcast, he got an email yesterday from the organisers to confirm that the tailgating will be in Temple Bar (again). What a let down!

Serious lack of ingenuity to try get something off the ground from them. Last time in Temple Bar, all it was was standing around drinking cans and nothing organised. Presumably it’ll be much the same again this time, hope they prove me wrong!

They could have done something in RDS or something, at least it’s in walking distance of the stadium.

The lack of ticket sales to date would suggest they’re not the best at marketing etc… Probably just banking on Notre Dame v Navy being a sell out next year, which it likely will.

was going to head on in - but have a family event on that day so will need to give it a miss.

Tailgating in templebar - one for the tourists i suppose

Speaking of tailgaiting, are yous aware of anything for before the NFL London games the ones in Spurs stadium ?

Was googling and couldn’t see anything

to be fair , while it is slightly improving , the immediate area around white hart lane - is a kip.

pre covid - there were activities how the high road , not sure if it was tailgating as such.

food and drink at spurs stadium is good and reasonably priced (well it is for the football matches) so its not the worst stadium to go drinking in

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I would guess thats aimed at visiting americans and not locals.

I get it’s aimed at tourists, but I’m sure going to temple bar will be number 1 on their list as part of their trip. What’s most annoying is, nothing is even organised for it… Organiser are shepparding people here and saying it’s tailgating, when all it is, is a place to go an pay €8 for a Guinness, and stand in the square outside The Temple Bar.

Yeah not much from what I’ve heard. Think I’m due to land and get to Tottenham Hale around half 10 … So hopefully an early house is around :wink:

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would double check for engineering works on the Stanstead express line.

I know for a few weekends in august there is no trains - but when I went last April , it was replacement bus service

Thanks for heads-up, just checked the website there and nothing is planned for either weekend of Spurs’ games. But the week between games, there is works.
Most of August is closed alright, and chunks of Sept also

eejit has too much money if he’s pissing it around like that

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In the modern NFL, $2.2bn won’t stop the Chicago Bears’ flight to the suburbs

Shitty system.