American Football League (NFL) 2020-2021

Aim is supposedly a game in the next 5 years. I’d be surprised if it was as soon as that. Would have thought somewhere like Amsterdam/Barcelona/Madrid would be next in line from a European perspective

You left out Peckham.

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We aren’t far from the UK though. Could see a lot of NFL fans from there popping over to Croker for it? A regular season game could see out Croke Park.

I only have a passing interest and don’t understand the rules fully but I see a lot of the younger lads down the local watching it on a Sunday night.

70,000+ seater stadium, no conflict with soccer. English speaking country. Yanks love Ireland. Makes a lot of sense.

How many seats are in Croke Park? If you put bucket seats on the Hill, how many seats would you then have?

Would there be a requirement for bucket seats ?

If you’re going to be there for 6 1/2 hours…

Milder winter weather than Pittsburgh too. I’ve no doubt it would sell out. Personally I can’t wait and I’m not a big Steelers fan by any means.

Yep 100% sell out, would be a bumper weekend for the city if it ever happened

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Sorry, looking back on my post there, it wasn’t really clear. Was referring moreso to the prospect of a preseason game struggling to sell out - I was at one in the States - starters play a few minutes and then watch the rest of the match in tracksuit bottoms on the sideline. Fans in Europe have become accustomed to getting the real deal.

I do agree that a regular season matchup here would sell out, although I think that the crowd would be anchored somewhat by travelling British and German fans.


I think when the FAI were leasing it, with the bucket seats on the Hill the capacity was 70,000.

However, for NFL there may be a slight reduction on that figure. Given that the squads, coaches, medics etc all stand along the sidelines, you’d probably have to block off the 1st 3 or 4 rows of seats as they’d have a very restricted view, if any at all.

Prob first 12 or 13 rows

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What would that leave the capacity at?

Would be under 70 ?