American Football

They fairly rolled out the red carpet for the college game a lot than they do for the Dubs when we make a final . Have nothing against the game being played and the folk are welcome I hope they stsy safe.

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Dubs fans don’t pump €40 odd million into the economy for a weekend.

The whole shite around American sports would bore you to death. Throw the ball in and get on with it.

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During the game they said $190m

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I’d say big games in croke park generate a fair few quid

Don’t dispute it brings in money just feel around all ire time with Dublin playing there is not that much done other than flags of both counties by the liffey. Sure they couldn’t put a banner on the bridge because there was objections to it .

I doubt the Americans who made the trip are as economically constrained or savvy to be eating their lunch out of the back of their car.

It’s just a money maker for Ireland Inc.


Amazing that dame street can be padestrianised for the benefit of 40,000 American tourists , there is not a hope in hell permission would have been granted for a Irish event, would have been told you need planning permission for it .Was that even announced dame St was going to be closed to traffic before it happened??

The backdrop is obviously the US Embassy issuing a safety warning for Dublin That would have caused stirrs at the highest office in the state.

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That’s it

They however couldn’t get over our 3rd world transport system at night time

Would they have even needed to go near it ?? Say most of them staying in town . Americans not stupid either,those been to NY have the subway to deal with .

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Yes, saw road signs announcing it during the last week, also for College Green. DCC usually post notices in newspaper, announcing road closures but most of us don’t see them if reading them online.,

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That’s complete nonsense. Roads are closed for protests and parades all the time.

There’s plenty to complain about without making stuff up.

It was well flagged online too.

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What am I making up AL??

There’s not a hope in hell permission would have been given for an Irish event.

Total nonsense.

Ok ,maybe I exaggerated a bit , but it’s bizarre for it to happen for 40k tourists is it not ??

We invited them. So you make them feel at home.

Cars are all but banned from Dame Street now anyway so it was the best place for it.

Wonder why they didn’t put it in croker , would have sold it out ,30,000 extra at it compared to Lansdowne rd

Who won it ??

Norte Dame 42-3. Barely a game.

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