Analysis/Description of the details of the All-I Snr Football Final

I think somebody started this in the actual final thread, looking at various decisions & talking points. I think it’s very interesting to look at it all in detail, especially in the light of all the controversies, claims, and counter claims. I’m going to look at the scores in this post, in the replay. I think the drawn game can be gone over too, as a comparison would be very enlightening.

Around 3 mins 45: Dublin work the ball forward in typical fashion, Mayo generally closing down the man with the ball very well, Kevin carries into traffic and breaks some of the tackles/goes past a couple of men. Is fouled, advantage played, no further real progress as Flynn runs into heavy traffic, close-in free given & scored.

(That came from Small winning hard ball, and Dermo’ making an incisive run)

Around 4.50: Rock does what he so often does best, and what makes him so often effective from play - he finds space, drifting off the tight marking momentarily and then after he gets a nice pass turns and shoots quickly over his shoulder with his marker moving in fast, doing full-block attempt, for a very good score.

(That one all came from Cluxton finding one of the backs with a clever little pass under pressure, then on to COS unmarked, who then hit a nice pass which bounced awkwardly towards CK. He did really well to win it and then beat his marker, make the incision and hit a clever pass to Rock.)

About 5.20: Dublin break a long kickout and swarm over the breaking ball. Kevin gets it and is left move along unmarked as he appears to be too far out at a bad angle (though the marking still appears loose). This was a bit lax by Mayo backs as he does what he did quite a few times this summer, strokes over a beautiful score (though was probably meaning to go for a goal :wink:).

About 6.00: Dublin turn over ball in midfield, Kevin does a lovely lift, hits a dangerous quick ball in towards CK, tightly marked, cleverly gets a hand to it to knock it on to guess who? Rock who once again drifted off his marker and was through on goal. Experience of recent years seemed to make him choose discretion as the better part of valour.

(I do wonder why lads like Rock in that sort of position with no covering backs really near the keeper don’t try to side-step/dummy for a clear goal chance).

About 6.50: Mayo score a super point after DOC wins a free long ball to the middle, then a really good long lateral pass to Vaughan, and a cracking finish by Durcan. Game on!


I’ve made a breakthrough on the John Small ‘Black Card’ incident. I watched it frame by frame because my first impression was the attempted grab at Morans upper leg did not make enough contact, barely any, certainly not enough to trip him.

Then I thought he must have caught the trailing left ankle. Not so! Whether he tried to or not is unclear, and irrelevant, his left hand made no contact with the ankle, and Moran then dived.

When you think about it, it makes sense because a Dublin back was across to cover anyway. By the way, did AOS smirk at Small just before the ref’s decision? It came from a Small fumble of course (poor Hennelly got a penno & black card against him for a similar thing though)

Anybody know why… At 8.05: …COC gets the ball moved right in front of the posts for a simple free? Couldn’t see much if any dissent etc.

About 10:15: Very soft free given to Moran, revenge on Small by ref? COC steals about 5-10 yards for the free, well taken.

About 12:20: AOS wins turnover ball (Cooper fumble), then a clever ball by Parsons to Moran who bamboozles COS, (is COS getting slower/struggling to cover/mark? He was caught at least twice leading to 1-1), and kicks a lovely score,

Maybe change the title to ‘the All Ireland Final for Nerds’?

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Or just title it - have a few beers instead?


At what time in the game did that happen? Must have been a black card?

What would be marvellous was if they put out another documentary around Xmas where Deegan was mic’ed up for the game . I’d say they have done it but whether it will be released is another question . I’m sure they would have something for the possibility that Mayo would have won a historic AI . They could have footage of off the ball stuff , better angles , etc .

“How the West was Won” ? :wink:

About 14.00:
After a passage of play, mainly Dublin possession, and attempted attacks, Mayo give a soft free away for a push, fairly handy one which Rock converts. Ref had brought the ball forward, unclear why, new rule about persistent fouling further out??

About 16.00:
Very soft free to Mayo around the middle, big wide under pressure by Boyle. Cluxton kicks out to free man around the 45 in the middle, awful pass (COS?), Mayo attack, Cooper beats his man for a longish pass well, Dublin lengthy attack including a couple of lovely foot passes by Kevin & (?) CK, Small fouled (poor one by Mayo back), Rock converts fairly handy.

About 17.00:
Mayo work it from the back, COS allows himself to be beaten far too easily by routine AOS take & turn, Keegan’s powerful run through, Dubs could have tried to dive across him, great finish

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The shark. It has been jumped!

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Kevin wins a free after taking on Mayo backs inside, easy one for Rock. Prior to that Mayo had alot of ball & attacked after the goal. And there was Cooper’s black card, which looked harsh as well described by others, though he clearly trips the Mayo player. But the ball was gone. It wasn’t a blatant drag down or violent conduct, nor was there any clear chance of a score or setting one up, so… the rule has been discussed to death anyway!

This was a long spell of no scoring, including a poor wide by Small after alot of work to set it up. Some bad turnovers by both sides, Paddy was being well-policed by Mayo backs (no surprise after last year)
Poor enough wide by Keegan considering his confidence was right up. Mayo did not build on the goal.
A soft enough free to Kevin, handy enough for Rock.

About 31.00:
Fenton gets booked for nothing, assuming it was for dispossessing Boyle who had gone to ground and got a (soft) free after Flynn possibly held him back a bit. COC sticks over a good kick.

Dermo’s class point, “one chance, bang-bang!”

Near 35.00:
Free & Keegan black card, already discussed to death. Just noticed Keegan grabbing Dermo’s jersey and dragging/holding momentarily before the rest of the incident. Easy one for Rock.

Seamie makes but messes up a great chance for a score but wins a soft free close in, COC does the rest.

Multiple incidents thereafter, overall looked fairly 6-of-one and all that. I have to say, I love the way Philly always keeps a smile on his face in the midst of carnage all around, some level of composure. Hard to see what actually happened in the incident with Parsons, beyond Philly grabbing his arm/shoulder and engaging with him, or what it was about (settling scores from earlier on? trying to provoke something?)
Hennelly’s effort from the free (what was the free for anyway, surely should have been a hop-ball?) was poor.

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Just looked at the start of the replay again there, very poor miss from Parsons in the first attack, certainly set the tone.

McLoughlin lucky not to get a black card for the foul on Maxi in the first half.

Will you grow tired of watching it again? :slight_smile:

It’s still early days!

It will eventually go into a mental box alongside the 13 & 15 finals, more to be analysed than luxuriated in, because none of the games were all that great, so it’s the details, small turning points etc.