Andy Moran v Tyrone

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but how did AM get a black card following his “bump” into the referee…is that not a red card offence and a 3 months ban?

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Seems to have fallen under the remonstrating with a match official . It’ll be interesting what other “details” will be submitted in his match report . Andy is a media darling but if they threw the book at Connolly I can’t see why they can’t also do the same here. Seems your past reputation has an effect on these things . That’s not like Andy at all , yerra yerra…

But just like connolly official was clearly touched and ref stumbled back on his feet.

I presume that’s our own resser here

Is there a difference between a bump & putting hands on an official ?
And I’ll be honest , if people have an issue with us bringing this up , we are just as entitled to put it out there considering what Connolly was put through . I suspect , for other reasons which I won’t go into here , they’ll let it pass .

And isn’t it hilarious when ya see this

Now I wonder if I went back through this lads timeline would you find a few tweets about Connolly from last year . Neck like a jockeys bollix .

No. . . Unless RTE highlight it and you’re from Dublin and your name is Connolly

has the referees report been reported on?

What was the black card for, and how do we know the placing of hands on the official was “dealt with”?

The was no placing of hands on the official. He bumped his chest of the Refs chest. The question is - was it deliberate of was it an accident. Going by TV evidence only the Ref appeared to think it was an accident - which accounts for the black card for remonstrating with a match official.

A strategically placed “comma” gives your sentence more credibility.



Let me be more accurate.

The CCCC charged DC with “minor physical interference with an official” and gave him then 12 week ban.


What was the black card for and was the “minor interference with an official dealt with”

Black card was for remonstrating in an aggressive manner with the referee.

The minor physical interference was dealt with last year :wink:

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Cheeky :stuck_out_tongue:

Connolly was not dealt with on the field so later intervention could deal with it, which was then deemed minor physical interference by a disciplinary panel.

Moran was dealt with on the field, with a black been remonstrating aggressively, deemed by the referee at the time.

But remonstrating and minor interference are two different offences.

So he didn’t deal with the latter and the CCCC have not either.

Isn’t that the point we are making here, in both cases the ref did not deal with it, in only one the CCCC stuck their oar in.

The ref did deal with the moran case. He was given a black card. That is deemed dealing with it.

To clarify.
If the referee gave a red card, Moran COULD have been given 12 weeks as he would have been reported for something more serious.
But the referee deemed it a lesser offence in this case

Im stating facts here, i know the playing rules inside out.

Infraction :wink:

Word play :wink: