Andy Moran v Tyrone

Maybe, but just letting you know that there is no offence in the GAA rules - except by those who don’t know the rules!!! :grinning:

BTW, your interpretation of the DC and AM issue is spot on.

Haha, correct & well spotted, although it wasn’t a word plant, just my error :slightly_smiling_face:
Regarding playing rules, id like to think i’d have them all fairly well covered :wink: maybe just not the difference between an offense & an infraction, perhaps thats the Guard in me shining through lol

So the black card covered two separate offences, the aggressive behaviour towards a referee and minor physical interference?

Completely missing the point…

Can you not understand that the ref must have felt that there was no minor physical interference and gave black for the aggressive behaviour? I would suggest that he was in a better position than you or I to decide this!!

Aye @bummer but surely the point is that TV showed that there clearly WAS physical interference so therefore it was not dealt with - even though it happened. So why was it not dealt with retrospectively like other cases.

The incident happened.
The ref deemed it was worthy of a black card and issued same. (may have deemed that contact was accidental, similar to bumping in to ref during play or arm on his shoulder when asking score / time etc. - me just guessing this btw :wink:)
The ref reported the black card infraction in his match report submitted to Croke Park.
Croke Park may or may not have requested clarification of the incident with the ref (probably will never know, and rightly so!)
Incident dealt with so no further retrospective action can be taken as the ref is deemed to have taken action on the day and appears to be satisfied that the appropriate action was taken.

It’s a bit like the Yanks Double Jeopardy!!!


Dublin jeopardy more like!! :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks - saved me the effort!!

Assurelookit - looking again at the footage, the referee was moving forward slightly and AM was going in to give out so maybe that explains it. Had the Ref been standing still though?

As most of them seem to do (apologies @MarysMan).


<<As most of them seem to do (apologies @MarysMan).>>

No offence taken mate. I do move from time to time (awaits the smart replies from some posters!)

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Its also clear from the footage that he stumbled back on his feet from the “minor physical intereference” that he missed.

well, if it was an accidental coming together, he must have rebounded.