Annual Report

You are probably reading snippets of John Costello’s Annual Report today. The cheek of him telling the truth … :flushed:

Always worth a read in its entirety - you’ll find it here …

any chance you could give us edited highlights?

Good read that. Can’t say I read it all , good on him for highlighting the “attention” Diarmo gets as well as tackling the criticism of how we are funded . Loads of more talking points , I’m sure others can go through them . Person who proof read it missed a few errors , happens to all of us .

Two chances Tayto … :wink:

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[quote=“Unbelievable, post:3, topic:1426”]
Person who proof read it missed a few errors[/quote]

Have you any proof?

Edited highlights? - maybe 25AliveOh is free…

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■■■■ that , I’m not reading it again :joy:

The media will pick up on anything with a whiff of controversy but there are a lot of other good parts too - plenty of food for thought.

Sour grapes comming from Mayos one

THat’s a another problem with Mayo folk. They’ll never dare to comment on their own players for causing failure, ever – it’s always something else. Mayo players ( including Keegan who has no excuses when he gets asked to have a early shower the way he plays) get a free ride with them but especially the likes of AOS who was shite in practically every game Mayo went out on in the last 5 years but is still workshipped by his ’ fan base’

The Irish Times seem to suggest that Costello was talking about a club game when Connolly got “the treatment”, not an inter-county game.

No they are wrong - he is quite clearly referring to a Leinster Championship game.

“In one of our championship games this summer one of our players – (no prizes for guessing who!) - Diarmuid Connolly, was struck about six times before the ball was even thrown in to commence the game.”

It’s hilarious to watch the usual suspects get wound up over some of the comments - one in particular possibly the biggest gobshite and hypocrite in the country.

Some giving out about Philly etc. Did they expect Costello to admonish one of our own players??? He talks about Dermo’s treatment but nowhere does he say all our lads are saints, rightly :wink:

I was fairly certain the headline in the IT website report yesterday stated a club game and that they have changed it since to reflect what Costello was saying.

He has some pop at Ressers under the Social Media heading … :scream:

I wouldn’t see it as a pop tbh anything but a pop.

Still working on mah irony Parish!! No - it’s an ok reference. Excellent piece on social capital too. Pity that kind of thing is not highlighted by journos.

The whole report is excellently written and fair play to John and all his staff in Parnell Park as they are doing an excellent job.
I’ve had a few dealings with them in the last few years and they’ve always been very helpful.


I am asking hypothetically, I don’t want to know - but how much is John Costello paid? Compare the job he does with John Delaney. I’d imagine the salaries are poles apart, also.

The social capital bit I thought was excellent too. Pity more journos, sports administrators, politicians etc don’t value it as much