Anti Keegan-AOS-Donaghy sentiment

Have to comment on this.

I’m a proud Dubliner and a proud Mun chap, I will defend my club and county to the hilt.

I have seen some diatribe on here, and I’m sure in the heat of post game analysis, I’ve slated the thread-topic titled individuals! That said, as the heat subsides, I find my dislike for these fellas waining. I mean, they may be unlikeable at the time, but why do some of our posters here go on and on about them? They are human beings with families after all? The arrows have to stop at some stage.

We have won 4 of the last 6 Sam Maguire’s, no amount of keyboard warrior can remove that. Can we not just accept that we are the best, and the whole world of GAA media will try to pull us apart and blow our opponents up as our biggest threat?

We are painting ourselves as very sour winners, and as much as I can see why chaps are standing the ground of berating the opponents, it’s about time we let our opponents complain and instead, explain without the slating of COC and AOS and LeeRoy and Donaghy etc etc.

Being a magnanimous winner is important. Our players have managed it. Maybe we should too.

Just a comment.


Speak for yourself …

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I do. Thanks.


ok well wait till kerry beat us a ya have the star bar air thumping in your direction. lets see how feel then! you reap what you sow. Withe the exception of Keegan, Players mentioned are hard to like. And any way I don’t think AOS gets slated (apart from the Diary).

I’m with Rochey on this. Let’s all get some flowers in our hair, some loose fitting kaftans and maybe a funny smoke or two. How about a lovin summer festival in the Ceide fields? ‘I’d like to teach the West to sing, in perfect harmony …’



not in a bad way! the diary is the ultimate compliment to the big man! but the piss taking is as bad as it gets fir him.

I see I’m alone in this thought so. Not for the 1st time in my life!

I’m not surprised by the fact either.

Not the responce I’d say you were expecting , tis life .

You’re correct. I expected correct spelling at least!

Actually, don’t care what response I get, just venting a wee bit. I think we make Dubs sound un-magnanimous!

Since this glorious journey began in 2011, we have played Kerry and Mayo every single year, bar 2014. Some years, we played both of them. It is a bit much to expect people to stop talking about players from those two counties, when (a) we play them every feckin’ year, for all the marbles (b) they both contain some very unlikable characters and © the games are usually riddled with controversial incidents.

For example, I’m still pissed off that CO’C got away with giving Rory a shiner in last years 1st semi final, that needed 10 stitches. No one said a word about that, but Philly got all kinds of mud slung at him. The worst of it came from Mayo and Kerry, by a country mile. If expressing an opinion - albeit one with blue tinted glasses - on any of that, makes me a bad winner, ok then.


Not sure what your on about there :upside_down_face:.
Anyway have a look around the GAA landscape outside of Dublin . Absolutely fucking delighted Leeroy won and more it a case of glad one of ours didn’t win . And your expecting us , well people here , to lay off when having to put up with this horse shit . Hey , some might agree with ya but I don’t . Just my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs just like you .

Only three replies in Rochey. Im sure other posters feel the same way as you. But sorry Dude I don’t like COC or Donaghy but I can certainly try and refrain from writing anything too derogatory about them.

A bit from Column A and B for me but not all of Column C.

I don’t agree with some of that. I’m more mild mannered towards our country cousins then most here. A bit of siege mentality is no harm. NOBODY likes us . Everyone liked us when we were losers. I remember in 2009 when Kerry people were consoling us like there was a death in the family. So i’m conscious of how far we let the humility go - when you start becoming too nice you become a loser in my view

I don’t have an issue with Keegan. I’ve defended him to the hilt here most of the year. I don;'t like COC or O Se and I don;t like Donaghy either. Far too much water under the bridge for happy families there.

80% of Mayo GAA people are fine. A lot of the angst is just driven from a football bonkers county desperate to win just one AI. Unfortunately the people who run their social media are in the 20% and resort to the lowest form of marketing just to exploit things.

However Mayo GAA people in the main are very decent people and a lot of Mayo lads have given great service to Dublin Clubs over the years and played for their new club like it was their own back home

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I remmeber that one I think I’ve mellowed- it;s old age:grinning:


Nearly touched cloth reading that. Jaysus Bart I can still remember your rant over Cork on the old site. I thought we where going to be invaded by the Peoples Republic is was that harsh.

And don’t forget the paid up member of the hating David Brady campaign! :grinning:

And Mc Guinness. i take it all back I hate them all:slight_smile:

Can’t understand why COC not in thread title. …

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