Anti Keegan-AOS-Donaghy sentiment

Done :wink::sunglasses:

If donaghy or COC played for Dublin would we love them , probably .But I cannot think of a Dublin player past or present who carrys on like the 2 of them , when a number of Dublin players filed past COC when they were shaking hands before the replay showed what they thought of him.

Not COC,Sorry no way. maybe Donaghy (can’t believe I wrote that!). But maybe young Rochey has a point. life to is to decking short to be holding grudges. Anyway once january comes and the OBC giant killers knock us out we’ll be back to normal! :slight_smile:

COC wouldn’t be good enough. thats the bottom line. Donaghy would have got in no doubt when he was at his peak

Rochey - can I nominate you to spread the love on the Kerry and Mayo forums and ask for mercy for Dermo and Philly? I look forward to the replies …

Incidentally I find Ulster supporters far more appreciative of this Dublin team than any others …:flushed: Not sure what that tells us.


Thanks. whoever you were. I changed the title back.

This site used to be full of proper GAA folk who were magnanimous and proud, not fluffed and glory-filled. Sorry I started this now.

Makes a mockery of what I was trying to achieve! Ah well…

Rochey I think your been unfair here brother. A lot of posters are here since the very early days and are decent skins, in terms of what you perceive as inappropriate comment’s towards said players I don’t thinks its as bad as other supporter based discussion forums because the site is well moderated.

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And you’re entitled to your opinion. I happen to opine otherwise.

Doesn’t change how one should behave IMO. I’m remembering how a certain Kerryman and Tyroneman spoke about us in the bad oul days.

Dignity isn’t always easily maintained!

Lol im baffled about Cillian , a gent on and off the field. What the fook do ye want bucks to do, bow to Dublin ? Think ill just go back to reading in here . No sense in trying to counter in here . Inbred small dick red necks havent a hope sure. Haha.

all Ireland is yours, ye won it fair and circular. We have lost to Cork,Meath,kerry x3, Donegal and yerselves twice in my lifetime but never has any of them other counties reacted like this. Go and enjoy your year and stop worrying your heads about a few lads whose only concern is to train their balls off and do their upmost to get Mayo over the line.

Try to put things into perspective when you are talking Mayo football, for years we were the soft lads from the west , too nice a people , not ruthless enough , pat spillane, sean boylan etc all alluded to this. James horan got a hold of Mayo football in 2011 and said fook this soft shit , we are going to croker and no amount of sledging or slapping is going to make us shy away no more , why because we are going to give it right back with spades.

Nevet bullied since.

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Cold up there on that horse Rochey?

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Doesn’t come across that way on the pitch, sorry he doesn’t. But fair play, defend your county, no one else will do it for you. All the stuff that was said about you guys, soft and all that craic, sure we go it in spades all the way up to the 2011. We very familiar with it.

Roasting down there on your low self esteem? Right back at ye!

Wow okay Rochey, giving out about people having personal jibes at players, and then go and say something like that. Fair play.

Dunno what love to meet bohemiandub wants here???! Love? Recognition?

But this thread is fast bringing a song to mind …


I would not be one for having a go at players from other counties, but when I did give an opinion on a controversial issue and it was not in accord with yours, I was met with " Dubs supporter my arse" something I was very surprised by given the normal standards you set . On the actual issue itself. at times people do go overboard, but mostly the comments are related to on field incidents rather than the kind of personal stuff the likes of Dermo and Philly get.

This thread is gas :joy:you’re a child Rochey can’t handle it when people disagree with you, that Vaughan fella is a bollox aswell

To be honest I think Rochey has some valid points.
More or less saying let’s enjoy this lads we won the most important prizes all year. Let the other counties whinge.
Some of the carry on in social media and moaning on certain Dub sites at the moment is embarrassing.
Not necessarily here , but still some of the
"Our lads would never stoop to that carry on " is very blinkered .
Our lads would and have and because of it we have enough been teak tough and this coupled with playing some brilliant football has got us over the line.
I wouldn’t swap it , but I wouldn’t pretend we are angels either.


We don’t have to pretend to like everyone either . I have no issue with the thread But we saw that last Friday night when all these players ignored the most consistent player in the country last year and gave into populism and picked Keegan just because Fenton was from Dublin


Just replying in kind to your smart remark.

This is how I also feel, nothing against them personally but over the last few years I have really grown to dislike this Mayo team and fans for various different reasons, I don’t have a problem with anyone else outside of Dublin.

Its social media, click bait, freeze frame, blown out of all proportion , internet idiots, twitter fools, journo hacks and other muppets who annoy me most however, I try my best to stay away from it but its in your face, the month of the final and replay wasn’t very tasteful to say the least.

There is a definite agenda out there by some Journos against Dublin, they will not give them credit to Dublin for anything, Scruff Parkinson is one, see him calling Jayo out again on twitter, what a C@nt.