Anti-Social Scumbags

Lidl in Jobstown got broken into and people were looting it. Fuckin scrotes :-1:

Paul Murphy’s pals. So not guilty.

Centra in Jobstown apparently looted as well and now on fire

The Lidl has also been trashed by a JCB

Fuckin scum

Ah the little scamps, rascals and scallywags. Up to high jinks! The army should put on balaclavas and drag the scum from their houses and beat them to a pulp. Prison costs too much. This would be quicker.

No doubt Mr. Murphy will be telling us later what good lads they really are…

Absolute fucking filth… that’s people’s jobs they are destroying. I hope the scum are quickly arrested and dealt with but we will probably get the whole poor little fella had a hard life

I’ve seen another video of the place pretty much levelled and apparently it’s on fire now.

Honestly what does be going through these people’s minds?

Some amount of damage done and a lot of people out of work because of this shite. Hopefully they will be prosecuted and hung by their short and curleys.

Do you really think that they give a fcuk about a short stint in the Joy? Because they don’t.

That’s even if they’d get anywhere near the Joy. Their free legal aid solicitor/barrister will spin the ususual sob story and probably get them a slap on the wrists

Of course not but they will be caught as there’s too many people in the videos and someone will cry and spill the beans.

Some videos going around now with dozens of people in it and trying to smash the safe out on the road with a digger.

Hope they start shooting the ■■■■■. They’d be no loss to society

Will it matter? Their local TD will sort it out for them. A couple of marches. A campaign and hey presto. Not guilty.

But what is the point of prosecuting if they laugh at the consequences? It costs between one hundred and two hundred thousand a year to incarcerate someone. Use physical punishment instead and spend that money on housing and educational supports for at risk kids. Sorry. This is the weather thread! Apologies!

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3 arrests so far

I blame their teachers !!

We should arm them!

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People like that spent precious little time in school.


The fuhrer is a teacher and if she was armed I’d be brown bread tomorrow


No way was this just a spur of the moment decision by a group of gimpy teenagers.
Shame the garda didn’t just shoot on site when they got there. There would have been no real loss of life