Any SKY Q users?

Anyone using the Sky Q system? Have UPC/Virgin at present and it’s proving quite unreliable

Thinking of changing to Sky Q and looking for reports (good or bad). The multi-room element that works via wi-fi seems to be good and would save re-wiring to other rooms in the house.

Also if you have Sky I assume you use their broadband package, any problems? My broadband is also with Virgin and works fine but obviously it makes sense to use a combined package.

How’s it going. I actually work for sky but I’ll give ya my honest opinion. Sky Q Is good. I’ve had it since it came out last year. Very simple to use and it caters for you or whatever you normally watch on sky. Multiscreen is handy too as you said no extra cabling needed. I had initial issues with the connectivity of it but that was down to how the original engineer set it up. You don’t have to have sky broadband for it but there is benefits to it such as Wi-Fi boosters around the house if needed. If you’re looking to switch give me a shout I can sort out a decent deal for ya.

Any other questions fire them across

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I would have been UPC for years until i moved back home to dublin, the boxes they use are a pile of piss really - the only think i miss from UPC is the channel layout.

That said the current non SKY Q boxes are a dream compared to UPC.

@Manner16 are they still charging for installation for Sky Q - Will prob wait a while longer for newer boxes to come out - also might need to switch internet providers for that to Virgin as my estate is old school wiring.

Have it four months now. Good for the most part, but the sky q mini box can be a pain in the hoop. Keeps dropping its connection. But apart from that the overall experience has been good.

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If it’s an upgrade there is still charges on it @Bosco I’m not 100% sure of the upgrade prices. The prices I sent you in a mail are based off new customer signing up

I Have sky Q. I like the main box and its user interface. The mini box’s won’t work if their is a drop in connection on your broadband, which has happened to me a bit lately. I already had wires going to Bedrooms for previous sky box’s. So a broadband drop didn’t affect ability to watch TV. The new mini ones don’t have connections to connect from dish. So no get out of jail card if broadband is down. Only good thing about mini box’s is you don’t need to run wires to them.
Plus is you want to watch 4k content , you can’t on mini box only main box.

I got all the wires removed which I regret (they where poxy looking). Good thing about the minim box is ta can plug and play anywhere. I might look st getting a sky booster to parts of the house where the signal is weak.

Maybe manner16 can explain but the mini box’s are supposed to act as wifi boosters. This was part of the reason i got them. Personally I think sky is better than upc for picture quality But the broadband is not as good because you are still relying on eircom cables.

They do but stil finding parts of the house bad

Also personally find sky’s customer service goid

Ye the girl was lovely on the phone tonight telling me that they would have the money back in my account in 3 to 5 working days. They took 420euro extra out of my account , that they shouldn’t have.:triumph:

I was thinking the same . I haven’t used them maybe some here have. but TPlink are supposed to be good.
You can get a one that plugs in beside router and another beside tv or 2 tvs and uses your earthing wire go8ng from socket to socket as the hardwired cable ( good for connecting an x box or android box to and it has wifi booster all in one.

Bit off topic, was thinking of upgrading to this from Sky HD but do any of you know if its possible to take the old box recordings and transfer to the new one. *4 football final’s being top of the list. Know I can copy to DVD but the former would be preferable.

dcr might be the man to help.

Switched from Sky to Eir during last October. Biggest mistake ever. Nothing but trouble with broadband and 2nd box. Moving back to Sky Q so interesting reading above. UPC broadband is the best, but price is crazy for UPC broadband & Sky TV as separate.

[quote=“Navyseal1, post:14, topic:2035, full:true”]
dcr might be the man to help.
[/quote]Unfortunately copying to DVD was the way I did things.

Recently switched to Vodafone TV & can’t record anything to the DVD recorder due to copy protection.

What is very handy with the mini box’s is if you have something recorded on main tv (say a match) you can watch on the mini box upstairs or another room.

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Or down load to an iPad or tablet it’s a good system I’m getting another mini box for the young lads room

Seemly there is not but you can copy the recordings… difficult if your not technically minded

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True, I was actually looking through my tablet last night and seen I had u21 final recorded on main box, so watched it again upstairs .