Any SKY Q users?

Mini boxes are used as boosters but there is also separate Wi-Fi boosters that the engineer will install if he feels that they would be needed at no extra cost. If anyone is looking to switch back to sky give me a shout. I’ll get ya a better deal then what you’ll get on the phone.

Can you get me a discount on the booster?

Have you got multiscreen with Q already?

IlManners 16 I have one main box and two minis. But room the main box is about 30 feet from router .WiFi booster would probably help. Also Sometimes Connection drops and bedroom mini wonth work.

I do and Sky broadband…

Same as and it can be a pain in the hole to reestablish the connection.

You probably need to get the engineer out again then to re-test it. Service calls are free. Just call them and tell them you’re having issues with the connectivity on the mini boxes

Yeah I’d call them and tell them you’re having connectivity issues. Your service calls are free with Sky Q so he can have a look at it again and see if it’s worth putting boosters in


Lads never had Sky and want to get it but do you need a dish? As I don’t want one @Manner16

Cheers I’m not in an apartment so presume it’s a no then.

Why do you not want a dish? Not to sure parish with all the media streaming devices available it might be case you won’t need to get a dish. I’d bell them and see…

Just don’t want one on my house as I’ve no chimney breast and they are poxy looking things

You need a dish.

Sky way ahead of Virgin imho. Moved a year ago. Never looked back. Dish can be put anywhere. Tucked away under a gutter or even on a back yard garage.


I think dishes need to be facing a certain direction but don’t necessarily have to be chimney breast. Service is top notch.

Just that the chimney hides them better

I will give them a bell and see what they say in the morning.

I got mine replaced with a smaller one this year and I don’t notice it. great user interface and well worth the money

I got mine put at back of house, Sky guy said they are more prone to movement on chimney breast ( don’t know if this is true )
Sky Q is very good, but the mini boxes can break your heart if wifi connection is poor.

Our dish fell off the roof and lived in the bushes in the front garden for a while, still worked perfectly!