Any SKY Q users?

Very true haven’t had much trouble but uncle did and I was trying to sort it for him. Heart break is right. Between daisy chain and mesh connections I was resorting to getting it hardwired. Boosters should help but all in all if it’s possible to hardware it that’s what I would do

It the one thing that bugs me. On the old sky mini box in my bedroom I had a cable from dish run straight to it, so never had a problem,
. Now at least once a week the wifi box goes blank. Unfortunetly there is no connection on them for a satellite cable.

Correct , the dish has to be pointed at the satellite.
The location must allow the correct orientation of the dish to the satellite.
There can not be any obstacles between the dish and the satellite.

More exposure to wind there , knocking it out of position & you lose the signal .

Is this your box ?

There’s an ethernet port on it , just get a powerline adapter , it becomes a hard wired connection between your box & WiFi modem using the copper wiring in the house to transmit the signal ( broadband ).

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There’s a few good threads online regarding hardwiring. I find the power plugs useful but are prone to dropping off aswell.

I know it might be a pain in the hoop but if you isolate which sockets are on the same wiring there should be no issue . When I have had a drop in my signal I unplug it & put in into the socket beside it which solves the issue .

Ye same box, Thanks I was thinking of doing that.
I got misled information at the start from Sky. These boxes i was told had an added advantage of being wifi extenders , which i thought would solve my problem of internet dropping. Internet in general is ok most of the time , but can stop at times.
The connection that’s missing is not a hard wired internet connection, but a satellite dish connection.
This at least would mean if internet is down you could still watch TV in the bed room. Like the old boxes.
I find the content and user interface very good with sky.
But I might drop them because of this ongoing problem.
Funny thing is Netflix works perfectly , even when sky box is down and that needs internet.

There’s a pile of problems with this new system I suspect it’s first generation issues. Though like I wish I hadn’t removed the cables. But then again it was a sloppy job in the first place so I’d get it done properly again.

What’s the best solution if you want to get rid of a digital subscription but keep the basic Irish/ UK channels?

And who is the best stand alone broadband provider?

The house is wired for UPC/ Virgin. No phone line.

The basic UK/Irish stations can be got free with an aerial & a sat dish. Aerial for Saorview and Dish for all the UK stations.


Get a dual tuner tv so that you can get both in handy. Get a good streaming box for boxset content and also free content.

What’s the internet setup in the house , like what provider do you have ? I’m thinking this is an issue with the sky box picking up your WiFi . Netflix I have to say have great servers .Never drops out . I think there might be a range issue here where that particular sky box is too far away from your router & thus the signal is dropping .If you get the power link adapter you won’t have this problem at all , I could guarantee that .
I just reread there , you say internet drops in & out .
Is this just over WiFi & like for all devices ? Phones , tablets , etc ?

Sky are internet provider . The sky mini box more than others , seems to be the problem,. It loses connection to main sky box. My Son plays xbox and the odd time loses connection , but to be fair not enough to be really bothered about it
I was looking at those tp links alright are they any good.

They are brilliant , solved all my streaming issues .Because basically you are streaming over WiFi to your q box .Before I got the tp link my streaming for my android box was virtually unwatchable.You need at least a 10 to 20 mbs to sustain a good picture over WiFi . Netflix handles this no problem because it only requires about 10 mbs even for the hd content , I have an app on my TV & it connects over WiFi & is perfect .But for you q box you need a better connection .
I have 100 mbs with eircom .Now you are never going to get that but here’s a comparison between what my phone gets & what my tp link android gets .


Android box

You get the tp links for your q box & X box , all issues will be solved !

Virgin broadband is unreal , wish I had it where I live .

Without a doubt. Have UPC years and would never change. This is via WiFi now


Is that a 120mbs connection ? I think they have 240 mbs in selected areas .
Jesus just checked , it’s gone up to 360 mbs :drooling_face:

Virgin are changing their contracts again meaning people can get out early.

Broadband is fine but don’t really use the TV and never the phone.

Might look into the dual tuner tv, sounds a bit handier, and the streaming box.

Pm me if ya want on android boxes. Have a good knowledge of them. Best avoid all Chinese cheap shite like mxq as they are all dirt.

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