Anyone else having restricted access to topics

Or is it just me?

Not had restricted access but some topics dont seem to be high up on the Unread or Latest Topics lists. The Leinster Final thread is a recent example.

No, that’s not it. There were some threads I could read as late as earlier today, and I’m being told now I don’t have access to them. Weird. Or is it?

Been getting the can ‘not reach sever/page failed to load’ message several times a day, for about a week now. It usually goes away after a few seconds & the page loads ok, but it’s a pain in the neck. Happened consistently last night, but that was Our Glorious Leader doing his thing, no?

Sorry I was fiddling with setting last 24 hours and needed to rebuild the site each time, so the server was up and down like a hoors drawers.

@ProudDub last few weeks I have noticed the site being a bit finicky as well, think the new release of the software should sort that. I also upgraded the hosting to have more disk space.

Yeah. I knew about yesterday. You told us what you were up to with yer knickers. Issue has been going on since before yesterday though.

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I think the upgrade yesterday should solve that. If anyone’s having buggy issues still let me know.

Will do. Thanks. Best of luck with your dick space & knickers. :+1:


Can you screen grab the error if it happens again

Did you get my credit card and bank account details that you were looking for? I emailed them to that address you PM’ed.

oh em, yes, and everything seems to be in order, thanks.

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Am getting the same

@JJF, I think it was, asked if anyone was having difficulty replying using their phone. I was experiencing similar issues on an android phone but not on an android tablet or desktop PC.

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Cheers just checked and the fix seems to have worked on the mobile version in chrome And Firefox focus.

Still? i cleared out a bunch of space, upgraded the server and upgraded to the latest version of the software, so hopefully running better now? seems to be loading quicker and error free for me.

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Seem fine now. Tks

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Has the pun filter machine been switched back on yet?


Have trust levels changed maybe, or have some threads been deleted?

Are you still having issues? the site was on and offline quite a bit the last 24 hours but should be running fine now - let me know a thread you are not getting access to.

Also could you logout and back in and/or clear you cache.