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I have just joined this site because I am quite literally a ‘newbie’. Although I have Irish roots I have always lived in southern England apart from six years in Melbourne (my first six, in fact). I played Rugby at school and university and find I am watching a lot more sport during lockdown! I would like to learn about GAA in particular and all traditional Irish sports which is why I have joined this forum.


There he is.


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Fáilte go dtí ResDubs, have you any influence on getting Boris to donate some AZ to the cause?

Where are the Irish roots from?


Thank you Sir!

Thank you for that.
Irish roots: Derry, Down and Armagh. They’re on my father’s side (Scottish roots on my mother’s).

AZ: I’m having my first ‘jab’ early next week. …

I’m not a fan of Boris :clown_face: !

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That will win you fans around here :clap:

Our resident Armagh man @Rufus_T_Firefly will be glad of some Orchard activity around here.

Feel free to ask questions etc and we’ll point you in the directions of some great games etc to quench your thirst for knowledge.


Welcome aboard @Tocklishchop - I’m sure you’ll find your stay here a rewarding one - the natives are not a bad bunch at all, although still no harm in having a slightly deeper Armagh orange haze around here!! :sunglasses:

Let’s not talk about the Down roots though!! :persevere:

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Welome @Tocklishchop - so long as you cheer for the dubs you are very welcome here :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate that. One thing I’m interested in is the way you - and others - feel about how Gaelic compares/contrasts with Rugger, especially if you have played both games.

Also if anyone can point me towards a guide to the slang or lingo associated with GAA.

… I take the hint. …

To @Rufus_T_Firefly from Otis B. Driftwood: apparently my Armagh ancestor was a horse trainer: that was something I found out recently. I’d be more than happy to chat to you about that if you PM me sometime. … I won’t mention the Down side (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

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I only ever played rugby for the school for two years and we were traditionally known as a rugby school (despite being eternally shite at it).

Given my own family background in GAA, I was always going to tend back towards the games.

Good place to start for lingo

If you look at the ResDubs Retro section of the forum, you’ll see a thread I have where I have uploaded a lot of Dublin games from over the years.

Some personal favourites to start out with:

1977 All Ireland semi final v Kerry
2011 All Ireland final v Kerry
2013 All Ireland semi final v Kerry
2016 All Ireland semi final v Kerry
2019 All Ireland final v Kerry
2019 All Ireland final replay v Kerry

There is a common trend to the games listed above, can you guess what it is?


Brilliant start with the lingo! Thank you for that.

I played Rugby for a House team at school and sometimes for the school as well. Because I was in a House team I had to continue with it all the way through including my A Level (final year). There were lots of privileges that went with it however. Being a masochist I continued with it at university!

I shall have a look at your Retro thread and thanks for the games with the Kerry theme. …

Welcome @Tocklishchop, the only comparison you need to know between Gaelic Football & Rugby is they both keep you Fit for Hurling, don’t mind what the rest on here say :+1:


Welcome aboard.

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“Marty” isn’t listed in that Glossary of Gaelic Games Terms.

Didn’t take long for the hurling folk to remind us of their superiority :wink:


Welcome aboard, @Tocklishchop.
It’s good to see that you don’t seem too traumatised by the first six years of your life.
Why do you not like Boris?
Rugby… who will win tomorrow in Dublin?
Do you get to travel to Ireland often/at all?
Have you been to any GAA games in England?

Thank you @LiamMac.I look forward to learning a lot more about Hurling, which looks a fascinating sport. :+1:



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