Are English Cities English League 2021/2022

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Brentford,Brighton and Newcastle to go down I reckon.

I’d think Brentford have the best chance of staying up of the promoted sides , having played them frequently over the last few years they always have Leeds a proper game , their home ground not the easiest of places to get a result and with fans can see them picking up points ,coach a bit of a dick but he knows what he’s doing
If Ashley is still there I’d love to see Newcastle go down , if he moves in less so , but don’t think there’s a sale in the offing

Wolves, Brentford and Burnley to be relegated, for me. I hope I am wrong on both Wolves and Brentford. Change of management may sting Wolves and I think that the Burnley bubble may finally burst. Credit to them (and Dyche) for being in the PL for so long. Mind you, a bad start to the season may see Dyche sacked early and replaced by big fat Sam


Course you are Mason , ya twat .


City to win, City 2nd, United 3rd, and United 4th.
City to go down, along with United, and Albion.

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Watford,Brentford and Crystal Palace to go down

Nuno Espirito Santo supposedly set for the Palace job. Bit of a left field one. Thought he’d end up at Spurs or on the back of todays news Everton

Looks like a seriously backward step…
Going from a midfield of Neves Moutinho and Dendonker…to Milivojevic, McCarthy and Kouyate… :tired_face:

Unless he’s been promised cash to shake things up. Wouldn’t have thought they’d have a huge amount for transfers though

London or the West Midlands …

You could ask “Croydon or the West Midlands”.

Gerrard being linked with his boyhood club after Ancelotti left Everton for Real Madrid

He will never be allowed inside the gates of anfield again

Strange one

Moyes more likely I’d have thought

He has his own key.
Beardsley is still loved.
(or he was until, you know, the thing)
Gary Ablett was loved as well.

Not a hope they go for him. They’d be better off seeing if they can hijack Palace’s deal for Spirito Santo

Wolves could be in trouble next season. They might need to recruit a Portuguese manager.

But Gerard is a different kettle of fish to them