Are things getting out of hand?

The media role in the build up to big games and that of social media has increased hugely in recent years. And not in a good way either. The vitriol spewed on social media platforms allied to the irresponsible comment of many journalists and pundits who are simply seeking to increase their own profile has grown with each passing year. Like a lot of similar areas there is a race to the bottom here. The cheaper, the more irresponsible, the nastier, the better.

A lot of the online comment comes from people who would appear to have no real connection with the GAA. A lot of the comment goes against the very ethos of the organisation.

There is a real danger in the growth of this kind of thing. There is animosity around games and fans that was never there in the past. Yes social media is well capable of generating nastiness and spite but when we have a large proportion of the media aiding and abetting and pouring petrol on it then it is a concern. It has changed the atmosphere among supporters in recent years IMO. And it’s easy for anyone and everyone to get drawn into it. And to believe - and even want to believe some of the crap written. A lot of the banter is going out of the game and is being replaced by something altogether more sinister and threatening. If we keep heading down that path will it end up like matches across the water? Is that so inconceivable?

I know that if any Mayo club rang any Dublin club this morning and said they were bringing a bus load of players up to the game and asked for a friendly they would be entertained if at all possible. No matter whether it was man, woman or child. No matter what the code. And they would be treated regally. We need to get back to that kind of thing instead of being led by a small band of idiots, mostly faceless, who have no regard for what the GAA represents.


Yes. But it’s not just a GAA thing. It’s society in general.

Twitter is the greatest ■■■■■■■ of an invention and I really do wonder about people who use it.


I agree 100% - some of the stuff on Facebook is an effing disgrace. To the point where i can;t read it for the keyboard warrior stuff going on. This site used to be seen as a kind of rouge element in terms of GAA discussion but actually, while biased toward dublin obviously, the conversation is a lot cleaner/more sane than other online channels.

Its a different world now & there’s no going back to the way things were . Its the culture now of how many hits a link or artictle or tweet gets . Its a way of how people are make a living now . The animosity between fans was always there but it has ratched up because you can get away saying whatever ya want because generally there are no repercussions from it as you are saying it to a stranger & not face to face . What amazes me is that people seem to forget there is a digital trail of what you say online on the likes of Facebook & Twitter . Sure I’ve heard potential employers are now doing profile checks on people on social media to see what types of things they are commenting on . This seems to be lost on a lot of bright sparks out there that what they say is all out there for the world to see .
In regards to journos , I will be interested to see what they say should we win . What type of a spin the likes of Fogarty put on it because nobody wants to read pleasant things anymore , his style is to provoke opinion on both sides , just appears from him that it is always an anti Dublin angle but sure anyone outside of Dublin would agree with it . So its a win win situation for him . People are outraged & agreeable to what he writes , people read it , buy papers , etc . Keeps him in a job which is the end game at the end of the day .

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Agree on twitter, it is a disgrace, no attempt to moderate what people say. At least the Guards in the UK prosecute people who step over the line on online debate - people ought to be brought to task when they go too far.


Remember not too long ago, they thought that the internet would bring the world closer together as people would converse online and realise “hey, we’re all the same” but sadly the opposite is the case where people can get their strange opinions reinforced in niche websites which just post misinformation and propaganda (like this) and opinions get more and more polarised as a result.

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You can blame the likes of that ■■■■ Zukerburg for this . Back in the day ya had to build websites to put an idea out there & it was a pain in the hole . I’d say even the most illiterate PC person could build one now after a day or two .

I agree… in fact, I am going to re-tweet that.


I don’t blame Zuckerberg. He had a good idea and for most people a Facebook page is a personal thing they control. It’s everything that came after, the people who jumped on his back, that are to blame.

Agree 100%, I just saw a article posing the question "Are people right to hate Diarmuid Connolly? It made my blood boil.

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He started the ball running…
If he had just got his hole in college there would be no facebook .


Agree 100% , facebook is worse that twitter, see our own Hill16 army and the comments under each post, then see Mayo GAA fans one and blog or whatever they are called. Its gone mad, but I don’t think its mostly only when Mayo play Dublin. Most of the other counties are alright.

I just read that article.

I thought it was very fair to Connolly. Am I right in saying that it is the same article? Writer is asking the same type of questions that DUB09 poses.

For me there is serious inequality in analysis of GAA. The biggest voices that have the biggest platform have a herd mentality and do very little to been impartial to a debate or analysis.

This gives the keyboard warriors ammunition (including us here on Res Dubs) to spout all kinds (insert colour here) tinted waffle. Some of it has valid points, some is just ranting, some is just downright nasty (though to be faire there is very little nastiness on this site as it is well moderated).

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Why is that Alan, it has its good uses as well.

Stopped using Facebook due to all the Malice being thrown at players last year, and not only Dubs players.
Said it on another thread HQ need to act on this, and maybe DCB could lead from the front and get it raised at Central Council.
They wonder why we’re starting to see a huge increase in players coming out about Mental Health issues etc.

On the Media side of things, a lot of this Dubs v Mayo hate stuff going on is being led by Hack Journos with nothing else to talk about. I’ve started to see a lot of fans all this week on Social Media finally start to voice their disgust at what’s going on…

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That is a very good article. I never understood why Connolly is the one that is picked out. Flynn would have got into as much trouble over the years on the field, but it is never mentioned. Is it just because Connolly is so good?

But in general, I think social media just gives an outlet to all the mean spirited people that were always there. The solution is just not to read them, no one knew they existed in such numbers before the advent of social media and if you don’t read them, you won’t know now either. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss…

Journalism is another story though, there is just more of it now and more people trying to over intellectualise sport. There are very very few people I will read who just write opinion pieces, as a lot of the guys who get to write them just have ill-conceived opinions to start with. The danger in this approach is that you just end up reading people who you know you agree with, which is hardly challenging, but it is good for your sanity!

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I’ve no problem with the article but why title it "Are people right to hate Diarmuid Connolly? " - incendiary sh*te.

The writer and the headline writer are usually different people I think

GAA journalism is at an all time low if ya ask me. Can only explain the likes of Bomber Liston. Mike Quirke is excellent, impartial and fair. Which is all anyone wants from what ever county.

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Where does it say that? I thought it said this Is Diarmuid Connolly Harshly Judged Within The GAA?