Are things getting out of hand?

The thing about Facebook and Twitter is that in the old days if you met, say, an arsehole in the pub, you could get away from him and nobody paid any attention to him and his views. Nowadays he is on Twitter and using hashtags and posting on Facebook and other arseholes congregate around him and make it worse.

There is also the mammy syndrome on Facebook about this Mayo team which does not exist with any other county, it’s hysterical stuff (and I don’t mean that as funny hysterical)

It’s mad what passes as reporting or fair comment in our newspapers so it’s not surprising what is written in unmoderated places.

I’ve said before that I rather the early season and league over the championship due to the wholesale move towards clickbait in the mainstream media, lowest common denominator nonsense on the radio and podcasts and outright lunacy on most boards. People’s stresses and frustrations just come oozing out of them in vitriol. Some of the comments you read…


I think some of the Dublin facebooks accounts Hill 16 to name just one are a pain in the arse . Who ever runs them seem to want to be constantly outraged. So they can then report to their mob of keyboard warriors , the likes who probably never been to an O Byrne Cup game or league game in February in their lives. .

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Nothing wrong with facebook, twitter etc. It’s the descent to the lowest common denominator being accepted as the norm, or even just ‘acceptable’, and the win-at-all-costs mentality that has the worst influence for me.

Kennelly’s attitude (and those who lauded him for it) to returning for one year to GAA from “making good in Oz/Pro Sport”, and then the way he followed through with his comments, book etc after the final incident. Even just he & Galvin and the way they celebrated that All-I, it was real “in your f***** face” stuff.

Contrast that with Brian Stynes in the 90s. Different times, am I being unfair? All I know is it looked and sounded wrong to me. The cynicism of the whole thing.

Then Horan with his referee -baiting before the 2012 semi-final. Darragh OSé and his Connolly comments earlier last year, amongst other stuff. Tomás O’Sé and his open deriding of the Cork team prior to their game Vs Kerry last year, and further wading in on them by the brother this year. Yet the same folk will talk about the true spirit of the game and about “lads being still amateurs with families and jobs to go to”. The naked hypocrisy, the arrogance of it.

The unchecked bias and prejudice in the media, the acceptance of it by now as the norm.

Now the “Keegan as hero” stuff and the overall creation of an environment and atmosphere in which it’s acceptable to be biased, and illegal, and any attempt to question that gets shot down, by the majority, as being biased.


All I know is that the media have a serious horn for James Horan. I’d wish he would ■■■■ of and concentrate on selling his sugared water.

Mayo must have the second biggest representation of arseholes in the media, second to kerry.

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Just means there will be a lot of soul searching on Saturday evening , writing their articles , weeping on their laptops .

Doubt it, they’ll find another spin on things to shite on about…Even if we bet Mayo out the gate, they’d still find something…

That hill 16 army one blocked me last year because I called Conor McGregor an arse hole :joy:


Failure to name teams and the carry on in the tunnel just adds to it all. It’s not just supporters acting the gobshite.

there was no carry on in the tunnel. all that happened was o shea and one of the Dublin subs started bumping off each other as they came out.

Dublin actually named the team that started the final on the friday night which i understand is the night they always do it.

In fact, they’re not alone, i was at the tipp hurling squad announcement for the final which was on a friday night.

Yes, but the game is on a Sat! The list should have been provided to the printers by now!!!

they will be fine, they can print them overnight - be done in a few hours.

Don’t really get why people need to know the team, in some other sports, soccer for example, teams are usually named an hour or so before the game. And on top of that the named team rarely starts so the info you are getting is not exactly 100% stuff. I would say the most frequent comment after a team being named is “There is no way that team will start”:laughing:


Dublin were six minutes late coming out. You name teams in Friday for a Sunday game. Not a Saturday one.

It’s all nonsense. Stupid nonsense that fuels the rest of it.

I thought they named the team after training on Friday, whether the game is on Saturday or Friday. So they’re not changing the protocol.

That should not have happened, but the real problem is some ex player invents a story or exxagerates it big time and the media jump on it, publish it without looking into it to see if there is any truth in it. More and more lazy journalist’s just take stories off the internet and use them without double checking, not just in sport, but accross the board.

Registration/Lists for Inter-County Senior Championship Games
Special Provisions for Registration of Teams and supply of Team List to Referee for all Inter-County Senior Championship Games Notwithstanding the provisions of any other Rules, the following requirements shall specifically apply to all Inter-County Senior Championship Games:
(a) For all Senior Inter-County Championship Games, the Team line-out (Fifteen Players and maximum Eleven Panel Members - total twenty six) shall be registered with the Committee-in-Charge not later than 9 am on the Thursday before a weekend game.
Penalty: Withdrawal of Sideline Privileges from Bainisteoir for one game and/or maximum €1,000 fine on the County Committee, depending on the circumstances.
(b) No Players may be added to the registered Team or Panel after it has been submitted to the Committee-in-Charge.
Exception - A Goalkeeper or Sub-Goalkeeper may be replaced by another Goalkeeper and such replacement shall only be allowed to play as a Goalkeeper
Penalty for playing, or including on the Team list submitted to the Referee, a player who has not been registered with the Committee-in-Charge: Forfeiture of Game.
© A prescribed Team List (as issued by the Committeein-Charge from time to time), confirming the 15 starting players and maximum 11 additional panel members, shall be submitted to the Referee not later than twenty minutes before the official starting times of the Game and shall only contain the names of Registered Players specified in paragraphs (a) or b),together with the Team Officials.
Penalty: Fine on the County Committee - up to a maximum of €1,000 for each minute over the prescribed time.

… but neither jim or ger have named teams on a thursday all year

and as i said, its not only dublin/mayo… i think kk do it on a thurdsay by routine (apparently cody sits them down in a room and opens a big flip chart with the teams names on it and they all gaze to see who is on or not)

the 6 misn thing was bizzarre… i’m sure we’ll hear about it in someones biography one day.

They trained yesterday. There is no meeting or training today.

GIving the team to the GAA on Thursday morning does not mean it’s released then. That is for programme purposes.

Sorry. Initial reply was for Tayto. Replied to wrong post.

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