Are things getting out of hand?

While they may not have publicly named the team, you can be sure that it was submitted to Croke Park in time.

Alan – absolutely can’t agree that not naming a team or naming a team late fuels the kind of thing that the thread was started to discuss??? How could you possible think that?

Anyway I don’t see why teams can’t be named an hour before throw in. Put the panels in the programme and let people pen the changes – which is what most people have to do anyway even when team are ‘named’ on time!

The tunnel incident should not have happened but it is not like it was pre-meditated. It is not like it is a case of back to the Pillar BS days and anyway much ado was made about nothing with Casey in particular making a real ass of himself.

But back to the original thought behind the discussion – which seems to have gone off course.

Certain pundits and media outlets both print and broadcast have continued with a lot of irresponsible comment, articles etc throughout the week. The Lee Keegan thing though has underlined the nonsense of much of this type of coverage – which can only be a good thing. I despair too of ex Dublin players giving certain individuals credence by appearing on their badcasts. At least call them out on their prejudices if you appear. I don’t actually listen to any of these and only see comment on them afterwards … and wonder why people continue to listen when they know the rubbish quality and content of, what they will hear. It’s like not putting on sun cream when it’s 30 degrees and wondering why you are going all red.
I don‘t agree either that this nastiness is a Dublin Mayo thing either – there was plenty of nastiness around the semi – before and especially after. And there was plenty of aggression around where I was in the Cusack during the game too. It is creeping in and is being fuelled by both social and mainstream media.

But, similar to what I mentioned at the end of the opening post, I know Skerries Harps went to Dr Crokes last weekend and played in the Colm Cooper u13 tournament and were treated brilliantly by Gooch and Co as were all the clubs. That’s the real GAA. Not the crap that you see on twitter or hear and read from pundits whose only interest is themselves.


you can tell the lee keegan thing (the reaction from mayo people) has gotten out of hand when even ger gilroy thinks its a whole load of hysteria about nothing.

If your talking about Hill 16 Army Barry goes to absolutely every Dublin game that’s on. I’m talking all football, hurling games underage & adult, male & female. He organises buses to the away O’Byrne cup & league matches that most people dont bother to go to. Heard him on morning Ireland this morning and I thought he was excellent.

That page is a bit in your face I find , the lads certainly like their selfies .

Its the comments people leave under the posts on facebook is the problem. Not the posts themselves.


Great post D09. Would make a great civil debate amongst different county fans (except Kildare of course! :slight_smile:

Once you mentioned civil I knew that to be the case JJF … :wink:

I knew you’d engineer a pun from that! But regardless, interesting points been made in the last and first post.

Had a look at Alan brogan’s Twitter, Mayo whataboutery abounds, and two professional troll accounts being the only nasty ones who are more to be laughed at or blocked.

Because people want more coverage, and despite some awful shite at times from some of the hosts, these podcasts do at least talk at length and in detail about football and hurling.

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Agreed, he’s just the latest player to get dragged through the ringer. In a way it’s refreshing for the focus to be on a Mayo player as they have got away scott free despite some comical dives/antics/cynicism for awhile now. Would prefer if amateur players werent hung out to dry like this but if they are to be, it needs to be evenly distributed.

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@Tayto just out of interest and I hope & wish it doesn’t come to pass . How are the mods gonna approach tomorrow should we lose . Are ye gonna build a “firewall” to keep out all the loons :astonished::confounded::upside_down_face:

we might just have to shut the site down for 72 hours.


Old school.

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Well any new regs will be caught in pre moderation so that’ll weed it out a bit

Good thinking Tayto. Don’t give them fuckers an pixel of space to gloat.


I’ll gloat for them

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So you are thinking de feet?

not at all IF we lose