Arrabawn tournament 2016

Has anyone heard how Dublin getting on at the Arrabawn hurling tournament

Beat Meath in the first game 1-18 to 0-2

That’s a fair trimming, Meath in top tier?

TRIMming … Meath … I like it

Beaten by Cork and Tipp so out of the competition

Doesn’t bode well for next year’s minors

hard to know from this really isnt it?

Typically when we’ve had a poor tournament it’s a sub standard minor team.

It’s a better indicator then people realise

Development structures need to be shaken up. We’re slowly becoming the West Brom of hurling.

Cork really starting to motor at underage. Only a matter of time before they coming good at minor level.

i ddnt realise the form line was that clear. it seems any time we’ve done well at these competitions, there’s generally someone saying to not read anything into it etc. Won it for the first time two years ago didn’t we?

i dont get the west brom reference but i assume it is not a positive :smile:

whens it all switching to u17?

I can only think of one instance where we had a good tournament and had a poor minor side in the last decade. it’s not an absolute but i think Dublin hurling needs a Hurling Director at underage like Daly is for Limerick.

Ciaran kilkenny’s group got to the semi finals. for example and won the Plate final. This year’s minor team won it. 2012 minor team were semi finalists.

We’re falling well behind the Tipperary’s of this world who are becoming a juggernaut at underage hurling now.

Next year supposedly for U17. In general the Arrabawn is a decent indicator. Losing to Cork and Tipp wouldn’t suggest a team in with a shout of an All Ireland next year.

depends on the scorelines and manner of the defeats I suppose. If we were well beaten or if there was only a score or two either way. And whether we had any key injuries, or not. U17 blitz this weekend as well?

Tipp well beaten by Galway 1-9 to 4-9

Cork v Galway in the final

Offaly beat Limerick in the shield final

Cork won the final. The sleeping giant is waking up.

Dublin went veryan close to beating Cork. Had a goal disallowed for a square ball. Did not look like it was. Were beating tipp also at half time but let in too many goals. Good team, very tuned in and seemed to have certain aspects nailed down as a team on what to do with the ball. Nice hurlers on the team.

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Good to hear neo, sounds like we weren’t far off the pace then.