Arsene gone, Unai’s red army!

I see the professor has reportedly signed a new 2 year deal… I have a passing interest in the club, and have always thought he was the man for the job until probably Christmas time, when I began to think he was no longer the man… But I’m fickle like most people and after the FA cup final performance, I want him to stay! New system really suits a lot of the players and they are thriving on it.

Are the usual gooner fans still active here, Whatever, Briano?? Be interested to hear your opinion.

Bad decision all round I reckon. Arsenal will have a repeat performance next year, and the fans will kick off again.

Thomas Tuchel has stepped down as Dortmund manager, Arsenal have missed a trick not getting him.

Im a Massive Arsenal fan, always wanted Wenger to stay but found myself questioning him this year more than most, hard one to call but when you weigh up all he has done for the club and the fact that he’s up against teams who spend a lot more than he does year on year, think we could see him change a bit with the pressure he has been under of late the change in formation shows he’s willing to change at least, hopefully they can make a real push around Feb when they usually fall apart after losing to Bayern or Barca… time will tell either way i look forward to an eventful year of Arsenal Fan tv :sob:

They spend enough in comparison to other teams - its not about the net transfer fee anymore

Think if he goes they will find it hard and have to rebuild. When is best to pull the plaster off.

When the fracture has healed!

In fairness not qualifying for the first time in 20 years is some achievement. I’d be looking more towards Manchester in terms of large expenditure and relative failure.

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The last few years that is specially true that it was an achievement to keep qualifying for the CL , the income afforded to the same group of teams in the CL each year kept the others at arms length , until City then invested heavily and Chelsea a decade or so before them.

United have spent some amount in the last few years and i don’t think have improved. Few mates reckon they will go close next year to winning the league , but don’t see it unless they improve big time upfront.

anyway back to Mr Wenger - not sure how the season ahead will go - stability that he is there for 2 years , perhaps he’ll give it one more year and head off next season (if he signed up for 1 more year he’d have none of them playing for him next year - ala fergie in mid 2000’s)

Judging by the player’s performance last Saturday they still hold him in high regard. Also the Cup Final showed how much Mertesacker was missed all season - not just in terms of his own presence but also in bringing Holding along. Sanchez would leave a void if he left but AW has always had the knack of bringing in relatively unknown lads and developing them. Other than that there are some good young lads there who will likely only get better.

The principal owner ( kronke ) is apprantly still happy enough with what he’s pulling out of the club on a yearly basis and Wegner effectively has his ear and also plays the game of not demanding too much cash for new signings etc while earning a tidy sum himself

It’s run as a business but I think arsenal will slip to sixth in the pecking order and will have more pissed off fans before wenger eventually leaves

Do you not think every PL club is run as a business??? I see no great evidence of 5 better clubs next year and with Mertesacker back it’s like having a new signing. They totally outplayed the runaway champions last weekend so I’d be predicting nearer 3rd than 6th. Would be interested to know the rationale behind your prediction.

The level of performance from chelsea slipped as soon as they clinched the title , needing a last minute goal against watford to win 4-3 was proof of that, they didn’t do enough to get the levels back up again in the last game as they were playing sunderland. I wouldn’t use last weekends game as the standard.

Koscielny is off on a free this summer , heard rumours of that 2 months ago , so you’ll need Mertesacker to be fit next season.

plus the europa league tends to result in away games in far more remote places in comparison to the ECL which can affect the following league game

Yeah… those fookers in UEFA sent Tottenham to somewhere called Tallaght a few years ago.

Oi !

At least i got to see Harry Kane’s first spurs goal for the senior side - although i’m still frozen from that day.

Think you’re wrong on that one. Pretty sure he wasn’t on the list of those in their last year of contract.

It’s official now anyway, Wenger has signed a new 2 year deal.

Arsenal rapidly becoming the biggest farce in a very farcical premier league. The rats are fleeing the sinking ship! Thank f**k I only have a passing interest in the garrison game, but the Arsenal team I used to enjoy watching are a very distant memory. How can a coach of such vision and verve go so tits up is unbelievable really.

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i think its because years of Ferguson playing mind games with him sent him La La

should have split them in two back in the day

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This made me laugh. Sadly!